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  • Gripple Duct Hanger Systems
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    G-Cat2-100-20SRGripple Catenary wire 2mmdiax100m +20xSideReleaseS$255.07
    G-CornerSaddleGripple moulded duct support 90degrees bag of10S$9.83
    G-cutterGripple Pocket size wire cuttersS$107.81
    G-DT2Gripple only DuctTrapeze SWL45kgEA bag of10S$114.41
    G-DT2-raG-2mGripple2mmx2m concrAnchor DctTrpze SWL45kgEA 10bagS$170.05
    G-TZ2Gripple only Trapeze SWL45kgEA bag of10S$111.64
    G-TZ2-ey90-2mGripple2mmx2m Eyelet90Trapeze SWL45kgEA 10bagS$171.01
    G-TZ2-raG-2mGripple2mmx2m concrAnchor Trapeze SWL45kgEA 10bagS$171.01
    G-Wr2-LG-2mGrippleWire2mmx2m endLoop nogripple SWL45kgEA 10bagS$81.19
    G-XP2Gripple only Express SWL45kgEA bag of 10S$109.49
    G-XP2-ey90-3mGripple2mmx3m Eyelet90 Express SWL45kgEA 10bunchS$169.05
    G-XP2-raG-3mGripple2mmx3m concrAnchor Express SWL45kgEA 10bagS$169.05
    G-Yhf2-HG-1m-500mm-SRkit2Gripple2mmx1m+Y500mm Yhanger HGhook +SideRelease (2/bag)SPOA

    See www.gripple.co.nz/applications/mechanical-and-hvac-suspension/ for details on HVAC products.

  • Gripple Seismic Bracing
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    NSgrippleGripple Non-StandardIPOA

    Gripple offer full end-to-end seismic solutions from concept design stage to a fully certified retro-fit solution.
    Gripple also provide full certification from PS1 through to PS4 which are done by Gripple in-house engineers. These are then peer reviewed by an outside engineer before they are issued.
    Click www.gripple.co.nz/applications/seismic-bracing/ for more details on Seismic Gripple products.

  • Simplefix
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    SIM055Simplefix Galv Strap 25mmx0.55mmx25mS$71.97
    SIM055/10Simplefix Galv Strap 25mmx0.55mmx10m yellowS$30.33
    SIM075Simplefix Galv Strap 25mmx0.75mmx15m blackS$63.40
    SIMTBTop Bracket for Simplefix Galv StrapS$9.94
    SIMUBSimplefix Universal Brkt (per 30)S$31.29
  • Threaded rod & other accessories
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    (GST incl.)
    60ZIP1244ZIPIT zp steel with screws (50)S$46.40
    DB3.3DEDrill Double Ended Panel 3.3mm eachS$3.57
    DB3.3SEDrill HSS Single End Panel 3.3mm eachS$1.87
    M10BasePlate62HBB10Z M10 Base Plate ZPS$1.30
    M10Nut4510 M10 Hex nut zincPlated (200/box, sell x0.5 for100]S$20.13
    M10TRod1Threaded Rod Zinc Plated M10 1 Metre lengthS$3.98
    M10TRod2Threaded Rod Zinc Plated M10 2 Metre lengthS$5.53
    M10washer701021 M10 Steel Flat Rnd Washer ZP (pkt of200) M10x21x1.6mmS$6.99
    M8x25HexNutBolt85825 M8x25 Hex Hd Bolt and Nut ZP (Box 200)L$48.98
    SD10-16x1634W101616YC wafer Self-Drillers Class2 10-16x16 100jarS$11.55
    SD12-11x3512g-11x35 Roofix HWF Woodscrew T17 Class4 Jar50S$14.52
    SD12-14x20n12g-14x20 HWF metal self driller +Neo Class4 Jar of 50S$15.40
    SD12-14x25n12g-14x25 HWF metal self driller +Neo Class4 Jar of 50S$16.43
    SD12-14x35n12g-14x35 HWF metal self driller +Neo Class4 Jar of 50S$17.19
    SD14-10x7514g-10x75 Roofix HWF Woodscrew T17 Class4 Jar50S$20.17
    Sfix8x5083Q82C 8x2 CSK Sq Surefix Screw ZY - Jar 200S$17.03
    SR4-4R73SS44C 4-4 Pan Head Steel Rivet (4.8-6.4)Jar of100S$9.25
  • Duct Installation Bracket
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    (GST incl.)
    LVALM102707 Support Bracket ALM10S$2.51

    Duct Installation Bracket - suits M10 Threaded Rod

  • Duct Installation angle bracket (MB)
    Home | Catalogue | Duct | Duct Installation | Duct Installation angle bracket (MB)

    (GST incl.)
    LVMB102750 Angle Bracket MB10 100mmS$3.16
    LVMB202752 Angle Bracket MB 20/818MB20 200mmL$5.39
    LVMB302754 Angle Bracket MB 300mmLPOA

    Duct Installation Bracket - can be used with Rubber Isolator for noise control (included).

  • 'Z' Bracket
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    (GST incl.)
    LVG874 Rubber Grommet to suit Trasat & Z BktS$1.56
    LVZ8133 z Brkt (Support Brkt)S$3.02

    - Designed for hanging Rectangular Air Duct & Cable Tray.
    - Suits M10 Threaded Rod

  • Vibration Isolation - Hanger
    Home | Catalogue | Duct | Duct Installation | Vibration Isolation - Hanger

    (GST incl.)
    LViso2723 Isolation Hanger SI M10L$23.01

    Provides sound isolated suspension of ductwork and equipment.

  • Flanged Joint - Hanger Bolt (AB)
    Home | Catalogue | Duct | Duct Installation | Flanged Joint - Hanger Bolt (AB)

    (GST incl.)
    LVHBabM102711 Duct Hanger Bolt AB M10 (mez 130) (200kg rating)S$4.45
    LVHBM102710 Duct Hanger Bolt M10 (Mez 120) (150kg rating)L$4.34

    Designed for the suspension of rectangular ductwork with threaded rods.

  • Ceiling Bracket
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    (GST incl.)
    LVCB2720 Bracket Ceiling DB8L$15.10

    Ideal for suspension of rectangular ductwork with M8 & M10 threaded rods.

  • Trasat Circular Duct Support
    Home | Catalogue | Duct | Duct Installation | Trasat Circular Duct Support

     Range $
    (GST incl.)
    LVG874 Rubber Grommet to suit Trasat & Z BktS$1.56
    LVtrasat8243 Trasat Circular Duct SupportS$4.90
    TrasatTrasat Circular Duct SupportL$2.16

    Designed for hanging circular duct of different diameters.
    Suits M10 threaded rods.

  • DYNA-TITE - Cable Locks
    Home | Catalogue | Duct | Duct Installation | DYNA-TITE - Cable Locks

     Technical Details
     Range $
    (GST incl.)
    LVCL1230351 Cable Lock. 1.5mm to 34kg or 2.5mm to 68kgL$6.21
    LVCL1830354 Cable Lock 2.5mm to 70kg or 3.0mm to 125kgL$7.91
    LVCL2330350 Cable Lock 3.0mm to 114kg or 5.0mm to 291kgL$8.12
  • Dyna Tite Wire Rope
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     Range $
    (GST incl.)
    G-cutterGripple Pocket size wire cuttersS$107.81
    LVCLW2.5R30202R Galv Wire 2.38mm dia,Load rating68kg,152m rollI$261.50
    LVCLW3.0R30204R Galv Wire 3.17mmdia,Load rating 68kg,152m rollL$395.31
    LVCLW5.0R30206R Galv Wire 4.76mm dia,Load rating291kg, 76m rollI$295.78
  • Flex strap, saddles & lock pins
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     Range $
    (GST incl.)
    LVBL16-10105 Thermo Button Lok Pin Only eachS$0.93
    LVBL2516-10100 Thermo Button-Lok Strapping 25mmx30mtrS$65.67
    LVFD SADDLE16-10101 Thermo Flexible Duct Saddle IndividualS$2.88
    TBstrapHanging Strap PE (not)Navy Blue 25mm x 50mS$7.19
  • Flex Flow Elbow
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     Range $
    (GST incl.)
    LV16-FF116-FF1 Flex Flow elbow duct supportS$25.14

    Eliminates kinks and restrictions in residential and commercial flexible duct installations.

  • Duct Clamps & Holderbats
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    (GST incl.)
    AH150Aluminium Holderbats 150dia c/w 304 SSscrew&nutS$12.40
    AH200Aluminium Holderbats 200dia c/w 304 SSscrew&nutS$17.53
    DCL100100SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 100diaS$21.14
    DCL125125SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 125diaS$23.85
    DCL150150SDCLDuct Clamp Lined 150diaS$26.12
    DCL200200SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 200diaS$29.44
    DCL250250SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 250diaS$35.02
    DCL300300SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 300diaS$41.52
    DCL350350SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 350diaS$50.34
    DCL400400SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 400diaS$52.08
    DCL450450SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 450diaS$64.91
    DCL500500SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 500diaS$70.94
  • Air Conditioning Mounts
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    BF2B6075 Big Foot 2 unit system (1.2x1m) max480kgS$1,094.62
    BF4B6077 Big Foot 4 unit system (1.2x2m) max720kgS$1,648.82
    BFH305B6088 Big Foot H-Frame 305mm max300kg 2feet,4brkts,noStrutS$238.10
    BFH450B6089 Big Foot H-Frame 450mm max500kg 2feet,2brkts,noStrutS$612.95
  • Sheetmetal tools
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    (GST incl.)
    Crimp3822002 Wiss 3 Blade Hand CrimperL$96.31
    Crimp5822006 Wiss 5 Blade Hand CrimperL$122.19

    Matt black finish and plastisol grips. Great for repairs in the field
    Crimp3 - Compound Action for crimping up to 22 and 24 gauge sheet metal
    Crimp5 - ideal for joining sheet metal pipes of same size, corrugated, round or square.

  • Pin spotters & Pins
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    (GST incl.)
    LVCT27020 Ceramic Tip for LF2000 PinSpotterL$168.97
    LVLF27004 LF2000 LN pin spotter, NO LONGER AVAILABLELPOA
    LVPC126017 PC1 Pin Clips for PN spotter pins x1000L$102.64
    LVPN11426002 PN114 Spotter Pin 1 1/4'' x1000S$71.70
    LVSAH11426068 SAH114 Self adhesive hanger pins (to suit 25mm) x100L$43.02