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Metal Fittings
  • G/S End Caps

    (GST incl.)
    ENDC125End Cap galv 125diaS$25.07
    ENDC150End Cap galv 150diaS$25.07
    ENDC200End Cap Galv 200diaS$31.35
    ENDC250End Cap Galv 250diaS$37.40
    ENDC300End Cap Galv 300diaS$49.94
    ENDC350End Cap Galv 350diaS$60.46

    G/S = Galvanised Steel
    Duct Wrap and Thermobreak can be applied to most fittings for insulation.

  • G/S Flex Joiners
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    (GST incl.)
    J100Joiner 100dia SE/SES$9.45
    J125Joiner 125dia SE/SES$9.45
    J150Joiner 150dia SE/SES$9.45
    J200Joiner 200dia SE/SES$11.81
    J250Joiner 250dia SE/SES$14.38
    J300Joiner 300dia SE/SES$16.76
    J350Joiner 350dia SE/SES$16.76
    J400Joiner 400dia SE/SES$19.10
    J450Joiner 450dia SE/SES$23.83
    J500Joiner 500dia SE/SES$28.54
    J550Joiner 550dia SE/SEL$38.63

    G/S = Galvanised Steel
    Duct Wrap and Thermobreak can be applied to most fittings for insulation.

  • Fixed Bends

    (GST incl.)
    FBG125/45Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 125dia@45deg SE/SEL$27.60
    FBG125/90Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 125dia@90deg SE/SEL$32.78
    FBG150/45Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 150dia@45deg SE/SELPOA
    FBG150/90Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 150dia@90deg SE/SES$30.74
    FBG200/45Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 200dia@45deg SE/SES$34.14
    FBG200/90Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 200dia@90deg SE/SES$44.25
    FBG250/45Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 250dia@45deg SE/SES$46.28
    FBG250/90Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 250dia@90deg SE/SES$57.72
    FBG300/45Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 300dia@45deg SE/SEL$78.07
    FBG300/90Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 300dia@90deg SE/SEL$82.64
    FBG350/45Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 350dia@45deg SE/SELPOA
    FBG350/90Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 350dia@90deg SE/SEL$109.80
    FBG400/45Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 400dia@45deg SE/SELPOA
    FBG400/90Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 400dia@90deg SE/SEL$139.30
    FBG450/90Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 450dia@90deg SE/SEL$302.63
    FBG500/90Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 500dia@90deg SE/SEL$357.24
    FBG600/90Fixed Bend g/s gore locked 600dia@90deg SE/SEL$456.10

    Also available in 15 and 30 degree bends. POA
    Also available in Stainless Steel. POA

  • G/S Adjustable Bends BE/SE
    Home | Catalogue |        - Duct Fittings | Metal Fittings | G/S Adjustable Bends BE/SE

    (GST incl.)
    ADJ100Adjustable Bend (SAB) 100dia g/s BE/SES$37.38
    ADJ125Adjustable Bend (SAB) 125dia g/s BE/SES$34.50
    ADJ150Adjustable Bend (SAB) 150dia g/s BE/SES$32.35
    ADJ175Adjustable Bend (SAB) 175dia g/s BE/SELPOA
    ADJ200Adjustable Bend (SAB) 200dia g/s BE/SES$46.59
    ADJ200/45Adjustable Bend (SAB) 200dia g/s BE/SE 45 degL$35.94
    ADJ225Adjustable Bend (SAB) 225dia g/s BE/SEL$124.82
    ADJ250Adjustable Bend (SAB) 250dia g/s BE/SES$60.75
    ADJ250/45Adjustable Bend (SAB) 250dia g/s BE/SE 45 degL$48.70
    ADJ300Adjustable Bend (SAB) 300dia g/s BE/SES$87.00
    ADJ300/45Adjustable Bend (SAB) 300dia g/s BE/SE 45 degL$82.18
    ADJ350Adjustable Bend (SAB) 350dia g/s BE/SES$115.58
    ADJ400Adjustable Bend (SAB) 400dia g/s BE/SES$146.63
    ADJ450Adjustable Bend (SAB) 450dia g/s BE/SEL$318.56
    ADJ500Adjustable Bend (SAB) 500dia g/s BE/SEL$376.04
    ADJ550Adjustable Bend (SAB) 550dia g/s BE/SEL$435.15
    ADJ600Adjustable Bend (SAB) 600dia g/s BE/SEL$480.10

    G/S = Galvanised Steel, B/E = Big End, S/E = Small End
    Adjustable Bends are also available in Stainless Steel.
    Duct Wrap and Thermobreak can be applied to most fittings for insulation.

  • G/S Equal Diameter Y Branches SE/SE/SE
    Home | Catalogue |        - Duct Fittings | Metal Fittings | G/S Equal Diameter Y Branches SE/SE/SE

    (GST incl.)
    BRM101010Metal Y Branch 100/100/100S$68.85
    BRM121212Metal Y Branch 125/125/125S$68.85
    BRM151515Metal Y Branch 150/150/150S$69.70
    BRM202020Metal Y Branch 200/200/200S$83.62
    BRM252525Metal Y Branch 250/250/250S$104.50
    BRM303030Metal Y Branch 300/300/300 SE/SE/SES$125.40

    G/S = Galvanised Steel
    S/E = Small End
    Duct Wrap and Thermobreak can be applied to most fittings for insulation.

    See also Insulated Y Branches and Plastic Y Branches

  • G/S Reducers

    (GST incl.)
    R12/10Reducer Metal 125/100dia BE/BES$42.90
    R15/10Reducer Metal 150/100dia BE/BES$42.90
    R15/12Reducer Metal 150/125dia BE/BES$42.90
    R20/10Reducer Metal 200/100dia BE/BES$53.77
    R20/15Reducer Metal 200/150diaS$45.37
    R25/15Reducer Metal 250/150dia BE/SES$55.55
    R25/20Reducer Metal 250/200dia BE/BES$47.82
    R30/15Reducer Metal 300/150dia BE/SES$68.01
    R30/20Reducer Metal 300/200dia BE/SES$68.01
    R30/25Reducer Metal 300/250dia BE/SES$68.01
    R315/30Reducer Metal 315BE/300SES$71.96
    R35/25Reducer Metal 350/250dia BE/SES$79.65
    R35/30Reducer Metal 350/300dia BE/SES$75.13
    R40/30Reducer Metal 400/300dia BE/SES$77.26
    R40/35Reducer Metal 400/350dia BE/SES$77.26

    G/S = Galvanised Steel. G/S reducers are all Big end/Small end (can be made to SE/SE on request)
    Duct Wrap and Thermobreak can be applied to most fittings for insulation.
    See also Plastic Multi Reducer 'VE310' and Flexible Reducer 'FlexReducer'

  • Saddle Take-offs (Specify angle when ordering)
    Home | Catalogue |        - Duct Fittings | Metal Fittings | Saddle Take-offs (Specify angle when ordering)

    (GST incl.)
    NSsaddleSaddle - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA
    Saddle150/100Saddle Take-off 150/100L$66.73
    Saddle150/125Saddle Take-off 150/125L$69.18
    Saddle150/150Saddle Take-off 150/150L$69.18
    Saddle200/100Saddle Take-off 200/100L$66.73
    Saddle200/150Saddle Take-off 200/150L$72.06
    Saddle200/200Saddle Take-off 200/200L$72.06
    Saddle250/150Saddle Take-off 250/150L$72.06
    Saddle250/200Saddle Take-off 250/200L$80.05
    Saddle300/150Saddle Take-off 300/150L$72.06
    Saddle300/200Saddle Take-off 300/200L$80.05
    Saddle300/250Saddle Take-off 300/250L$85.39

    G/S = Galvanised Steel
    Duct Wrap and Thermobreak can be applied to most fittings for insulation.
    Other sizes are available.

    See also Insulated Y Branches and DC Dampers

  • Branch Take-offs (Specify angle when ordering)
    Home | Catalogue |        - Duct Fittings | Metal Fittings | Branch Take-offs (Specify angle when ordering)

    (GST incl.)
    BTO150/100Branch Take-off 150/100 G/SL$63.70
    BTO150/125Branch Take-off 150/125 G/SL$66.03
    BTO150/150/45Branch Take-off 150/150 G/S @45degL$66.03
    BTO150/150/90Branch Take-off 150/150 G/S @90degS$66.03
    BTO200/100Branch Take-off 200/100 G/SL$63.70
    BTO200/150Branch Take-off 200/150 G/SL$68.78
    BTO200/200/45Branch Take-off 200/200 G/S @45degL$68.78
    BTO200/200/90Branch Take-off 200/200 G/S @90degS$68.78
    BTO250/150/45Branch Take-off 250/150 G/S @45degS$68.78
    BTO250/150/90Branch Take-off 250/150 G/S @90degL$68.78
    BTO250/200Branch Take-off 250/200 G/SL$76.41
    BTO300/150Branch Take-off 300/150 G/SL$68.78
    BTO300/200Branch Take-off 300/200 G/SL$76.41
    BTO300/250Branch Take-off 300/250 G/SL$81.51
    NSbtoBranch Take Off Galv - Manufactured Non Standard BTOLPOA

    G/S = Galvanised Steel
    Duct Wrap and Thermobreak can be applied to most fittings for insulation.

    See also Insulated Y Branches and DC Dampers

  • Backdraft Valve

    (GST incl.)
    VEKOM150uKOMu150 Metal Backdraft damper/Shutter 150S$28.39
    VEKOM200uKOMu200 Metal Backdraft damper/Shutter 200S$37.54
    VEKOM250uKOMu250 Metal Backdraft damper/Shutter 250S$46.98
    VEKOM315uKOMu315 Metal Backdraft damper/Shutter 315S$57.13