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Return Air Grilles
  • Metal return air grilles
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    PYEC CLIPSClips for Eggcrate GrilleI$1.00
    PYEC150244029 Egg Crate Grille 150sq Loose coreS$36.73
    PYEC200244030 Egg Crate Grille 200sq Loose coreS$40.58
    PYEC250244031 Egg Crate Grille 250sq Loose coreS$46.31
    PYEC300244032 Egg Crate Grille 300sq Loose coreS$54.00
    PYEC400244038 Egg Crate Grille 400sq Loose coreS$73.30
    PYEC5929LE5929 Egg Crate Grille 595x295face TBar (553x253neck)S$100.29
    PYEC595244035 Egg Crate Grille 595sq face (553sq neck)S$100.29
    PYHF1195/595247208 Hinged Filter Grille 1195x595 face (nom 1150x550neck)S$299.69
    PYHF150Hinged Filter Grille 150sqI$190.61
    PYHF200Hinged Filter Grille 200sqI$190.61
    PYHF250Hinged Filter Grille 250sqI$205.28
    PYHF300245225 Hinged Filter Grille 300sqS$117.61
    PYHF400244132 Hinged Filter Grille 400sqS$133.80
    PYHF595247207 Hinged Filter Grille 595sq face (548sq neck)S$161.32
    PYHF600/300244040 Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 300sqS$199.07
    PYHF600/400Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 400sqS$207.99
    PYHF600/450244042 Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 450sqS$219.04
    PYHF700/400245378 Hinged Filter Grille 700 x 400S$221.55
    PYHF750/400247201 Hinged Filter Grille 750 x 400S$213.85
    PYHF750/550247203 Hinged Filter Grille 750 x 550S$237.58
    PYHF900/400HE9040 Hinged Filter Grille 900 x 400S$249.04

    PYHF1195/595 has sorted to middle of table.
    Return Air Grille with Hinged Filter Type PYHF white only. POA for special colours.
    Other sizes may be available, please enquire.