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Flexible Duct - Nude
  • Uninsulated Flex
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    PYN100Nude Flex 100 x 3mS$31.08
    PYN125Nude Flex 125 x 3mL$50.01
    PYN150160064 Nude Flex 150 x 3mS$31.10
    PYN200160065 Nude Flex 200 x 3mS$37.32
    PYN250160066 Nude Flex 250 x 3mS$46.62
    PYN300160067 Nude Flex 300 x 3mS$59.13
    PYN350160068 Nude Flex 350 x 3mS$65.30
    PYN400160069 Nude Flex 400 x 3mS$83.95
    PYN450160070 Nude Flex 450 x 3mS$124.42
    PYN500160071 Nude Flex 500 x 3mS$143.06
    PYN550160072 Nude Flex 550 x 3mS$209.93
    PYN6100160074 Nude Flex 100 x 6mS$62.19
    PYN6125Nude Flex 125 x 6mL$100.03
    PYN6150160075 Nude Flex 150 x 6mS$62.20
    PYN6200160076 Nude Flex 200 x 6mS$74.62
    PYN6250160077 Nude Flex 250 x 6mS$93.30
    PYN6300160078 Nude Flex 300 x 6mS$118.19
    PYN6350160079 Nude Flex 350 x 6mS$130.62
    PYN6400160080 Nude Flex 400 x 6mS$167.93
    PYN6450160081 Nude Flex 450 x 6mS$248.77
    PYN6500160082 Nude Flex 500 x 6mS$286.07
    PYN6550160083 Nude Flex 550 x 6mS$419.84
    PYN6600160084 Nude Flex 600 x 6mI$494.52

    Uninsulated Duct
    - Metallized outer surface
    - Fire Rated 4254-2002
    - Operating temperature: -20C to +80C
    - Operating pressure: -190pa to +1200pa
    - General Use: Exhaust and ventilation systems

  • Rigi-Flex - Aluminium
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    RF1003Rigi-Flex Aluminium Duct dia100mm 3mS$63.97
    RF1253Rigi-Flex Aluminium Duct dia125mm 3mS$65.73
    RF1503Rigi-Flex Aluminium Duct dia150mm 3mS$77.73
    RF2003Rigi-Flex Aluminium Duct dia200mm 3mS$102.80
    RF2503Rigi-Flex Aluminium Duct dia250mm 3mS$130.51
    RF3003Rigi-Flex Aluminium Duct dia300mm 3mS$168.43
    RF3503Rigi-Flex Aluminium Duct dia350mm 3mS$195.79
    RF4003Rigi-Flex Aluminium Duct dia400mm 3mS$239.40
    RFS100Rigi Flex 100mm per mtr special lengthsL$26.83
    RFS125Rigi Flex 125mm per mtr special lengthsL$32.86
    RFS150Rigi Flex 150mm per mtr special lengthsL$38.89
    RFS200Rigi Flex 200mm per mtr special lengthsL$50.99
    RFS250Rigi Flex 250mm per mtr special lengthsL$65.30
    RFS300Rigi Flex 300mm per mtr special lengthsL$101.06
    RFS350Rigi Flex 350mm per mtr special lengthsL$117.45
    RFS400Rigi Flex 400mm per mtr special lengthsL$143.61
    RFSI100Rigi Flex Insulated 100mm per mtr special lengthsL$129.93
    RFSI125Rigi Flex Insulated 125mm per mtr special lengthsL$134.01
    RFSI150Rigi Flex Insulated 150mm per mtr special lengthsL$59.52
    RFSI200Rigi Flex Insulated 200mm per mtr special lengthsL$67.62
    RFSI250Rigi Flex Insulated 250mm per mtr special lengthsL$77.12
    RFSI300Rigi Flex Insulated 300mm per mtr special lengthsL$100.98
    RFSI350Rigi Flex Insulated 350mm per mtr special lengthsL$111.95
    RFSI400Rigi Flex Insulated 400mm per mtr special lengthsL$129.40

    Rigi-Flex comes in 3m lengths.
    Nude and insulated 100-250mm dia are supplied in compressed form approximately 1000mm long and can be easily transported and stretched on site.
    Nude and insulated 300mm dia and above are supplied in uncompressed 3m lengths unless otherwise requested.
    Standard freight charges will apply on all orders of Rigi products. Rates for bulk orders by negotiation.
    Rigi-Flex can be made to specific requirements. Please contact us for pricing. Minimum order 12m or 10 pieces of same product.

  • Semi-Rigid Flexible Duct - Stainless Steel
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    RFMSRigi-Flex Machine SetupL$140.12
    RFSSS100Semi Rigi Stainless Steel 100mm per mtr special lengthsL$224.33
    RFSSS125Semi Rigi Stainless Steel 125mm per mtr special lengthsL$231.06
    RFSSS150Semi Rigi Stainless Steel 150mm per mtr special lengthsL$249.71
    RFSSS200Semi Rigi Stainless Steel 200mm per mtr special lengthsL$268.27
    RFSSS250Semi Rigi Stainless Steel 250mm per mtr special lengthsL$282.38
    RFSSS300Semi Rigi Stainless Steel 300mm per mtr special lengthsL$307.05
    RFSSS350Semi Rigi Stainless Steel 350mm per mtr special lengthsL$357.34
    RFSSS400Semi Rigi Stainless Steel 400mm per mtr special lengthsL$407.79
    RFSSSD100Semi Rigi Double Stainless Steel 100mm per mtrL$248.63
    RFSSSD125Semi Rigi Double Stainless Steel 125mm per mtrL$261.83
    RFSSSD150Semi Rigi Double Stainless Steel 150mm per mtrL$274.45
    RFSSSD200Semi Rigi Double Stainless Steel 200mm per mtrL$309.53
    RFSSSD250Semi Rigi Double Stainless Steel 250mm per mtrL$354.44
    RFSSSD300Semi Rigi Double Stainless Steel 300mm per mtrL$427.25
    RFSSSD350Semi Rigi Double Stainless Steel 350mm per mtrL$500.26
    RFSSSD400Semi Rigi Double Stainless Steel 400mm per mtrL$573.08

    A setup cost RFMS will apply for each diameter for Rigi-Flex stainless orders.
    Double stainless steel Rigi-Flex comes in 100mm-400mm diameters.
    Standard freight charges will apply on all orders of Rigi products. Rates for bulk orders by negotiation.

  • Flexible Reducer
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    (GST incl.)
    FlexReducerReducer Flexible 300/100 (900 long)S$56.41

    See also VE310 Plastic Multi Reducer and Galvanised Steel Reducers