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TD panel
  • TD panel sheet
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    TD20PUblackTDi 20mm PU board R1.0 4x1.2m black 1sideS$181.13
    TD20PUsilverTDi 20mm PU board R1.0 4x1.2m embossed both sidesS$163.01
    TD42PIRTD42mm PIRpanel R2.0, 150micron, 75micron aluminiumSPOA

    * Also TD20PIRsmooth - with an anti-bacterial coating suitable for hospital environments POA
    * TDi is a sandwich panel, composed of a central layer of rigid fire retardant polyurethane (PU) foam, with both sides covered with 75micron aluminium foil. The aluminium provides stability and withstands corrosion in long-term use. TDi is approximately R1.0.
    * TD42PIR has a 42mm polyisocyanurate (PIR) core, giving it better thermal and fire resistant properties. It is suitable for outdoor use. One side is covered with a 75micron aluminium foil, the other with 150micron aluminium composite, making the panel even more rigid and protecting the inner core from knocks. TD42PIR has been tested by BRANZ at R2.08.
    * see TD Presentation(10Mb) for full TD performance data & test certificates

  • Manufacturing & Fittings made with TD panel
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)

    Smooth-Air Products manufactures TD panel duct and fittings to order.
    * Non-flammable
    * Excellent thermal insulation
    * Hygienic: does not absorb humidity, therefore not conducive to mould, virus or bacteria growth
    * Lightweight: TD ducts weigh 1.46kg/m3 compared to 9.8kg/m2 for sheet metal duct
    * Quiet operation: vibrations are minimised
    * Air tight seals, minimal air pressure loss
    * Simple and easy to make and install
    * On site modifications easily made
    * Minimal maintenance required
    * Long life expectancy of 20yrs
    * Great appearance

  • Accessories for TD panel
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    TD20bayTD04 bayonet 4m PVCS$20.01
    TD20fTD09 F section aluminium 20mm 4mS$37.73
    TD20hOFFSET "h" chair section aluminium 20mm 4mS$37.73
    TD20ifTD02 invisible flange 4m PVCS$23.21
    TD20if90TD03 invisible flange 90deg 4m PVCS$22.35
    TD42FF section aluminium 42mm 4mSPOA
    TD42hh chair section aluminium 42mm 4mSPOA
    TD42uU section aluminium 42mm 4mSPOA
    TDcaTD05 Covering angle PVCS$0.64
    TDcnrTD14 Corner ReinforcementS$1.09
    TDdiscTD10.5 shaped discS$2.28
    TDhcTD Hanger clips for M8SPOA
    TDrbTD11 reinforcement bar 4m aluminiumS$37.78
    TDtcTiger Clips for TD PanelS$1.15
    TDtcLTiger clip L corner joint + 2 clip locksS$2.30
    TDtoolsTD26 Tool Box Set of 4 KnivesSPOA
  • Castellated Spigots for TD fittings
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    (GST incl.)
    CS100Castellated Spigot 100 - for TDpanelL$15.50
    CS125Castellated Spigot 125 - for TDpanelL$15.50
    CS150Castellated Spigot 150 - for TDpanelL$15.75
    CS200Castellated Spigot 200 - for TDpanelS$15.50
    CS250Castellated Spigot 250 - for TDpanelS$16.78
    CS300Castellated Spigot 300 - for TDpanelS$21.37
    CS350Castellated Spigot 350 - for TDpanelS$31.86
    CS400Castellated Spigot 400 - for TDpanelS$37.32
    CS450Castellated Spigot 450 - for TDpanelL$37.32
    CS500Castellated Spigot 500 - for TDpanelL$37.32
    CSD200Castellated Spigot w Damper 200dia - for TDpanelL$46.55
    CSD250Castellated Spigot w Damper 250dia - for TDpanelL$50.02
    CSD300Castellated Spigot w Damper 300dia - for TDpanelL$64.64
    CSD350Castellated Spigot w Damper 350dia - for TDpanelL$66.73
    CSD400Castellated Spigot w Damper 400dia - for TDpanelL$117.33

    Castellated Spigots are also available in flat form for transporting: CSF

  • Damper Blade for castellated spigot
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    (GST incl.)
    BL100Blade only, for DC, CS, ILD 100diaS$8.32
    BL125Blade only, for DC, CS, ILD 125diaS$8.32
    BL150Blade 150 Dia, for DC, CS, ILD 87/SheetS$8.32
    BL175Blade only, for DC, CS, ILD 175diaL$9.46
    BL200Blade only, for DC, CS, ILD 200dia 50/SheetS$9.46
    BL225Blade only, for DC, CS, ILD 225diaL$10.69
    BL250Blade only, for DC, CS, ILD 250dia 32/SheetS$9.46
    BL300Blade only, for DC, CS, ILD 300dia 21/SheetS$10.90
    BL350Blade only, for DC, CS, ILD 350dia 18/SheetS$14.71
    BL400Damper Blade 400 Dia, for DC, CS, ILD,BMSS$14.71
    BL450Blade only, for DC, CS, ILD 450diaS$14.80
    ZQK05Quadrant Zinc Diecast Set 4mm (exZQK4)S$16.53
    ZQK10Quadrant Zinc Diecast Set 10mmS$39.49

    Quadrants are required for damper blades