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  • Tapes and Sealants
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    METALSEALDuct Sealer Metalseal 375ml greyS$14.92
    MS-adhesiveMS Safe Fix Adhesive 430gS$27.09
    MS-blackMS Safe Seal Black Sealant 430gS$27.09
    MS-greyMS Safe Seal Grey Sealant 430gS$26.59
    MS-whiteMS Safe Seal White Sealant 430gS$26.59
    MS35GCQuilosa MS35 Grey 300ml cartridge (Auck only)S$30.43
    MS35GSQuilosa MS35 Grey 600ml sausage (Auck only)S$43.60
    SILAFLEXNRoof & Gutter Neutral-cure Silicon Clear 300gS$14.39
    TAPEBnittoTape Nitto Black 48mmx30mS$8.41
    TAPESnittoTape Nitto Silver 48mmx30mS$8.41
    TAPEWnittoTape Nitto White 48mmx30mS$8.41
    TPBTape Plastic Duct 48mmx30m BlackS$11.63
    TPWTape Plastic Duct 48mmx30m WhiteS$11.63
    TRTape Reinforced Alu Foil Acrylic Adhesive 48mmx50mS$33.02
    TR-75mmTape Reinforced Alu Foil Acrylic Adhesive 75mmx50mS$57.67
    TSFTape Foam Seal 4.8mmx15mmx15.2mS$32.81
  • Thermobreak & Duct Wrap
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    DW 5mDuctwrap FlameStop 1.2mx25mm R0.69 x5m minimum don't cutS$113.30
    DW mDuctwrap FlameStop 1.2mx25mm R0.69 per lin mtr(roll20x1.2m)S$22.67
    TB05Thermobreak Foil Faced 5mmx1.2m /sqm (60sqm/roll)S$32.21
    TB05aThermobreak Foil+Adhesive 5mmx1.2m /sqm (60sqm/roll)S$56.05
    TB10Thermobreak Foil Faced 10mmx1.2m /sqm (30sqm/roll)S$44.48
    TB10aThermobreak Foil+Adhesive 10mmx1.2m /sqm (30sqm/roll)S$62.34
    TB20aThermobreak Foil+Adhesive 20mmx1.2m /sqm (x20m=24sqm/roll)L$94.89
    TBAP15Thermobreak AcoustiPlus BlackFoil 15mmx1.2m /sqm (24sq/roll)S$65.64

    Thermobreak- Volume discount available. POA. Other styles available on request.
    DuctWrap - Min order 5m (or 20m x DWm to buy whole 20m roll). Fibreglass

  • Flexible Duct Connectors
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    FDCDS109 Flexible Duct Connector 150mm(45-60-45) x25m DobyVerroS$341.17
    LVJBX/m10169 JBX100 Flexible Connection per lin mtrS$18.49
    LVJRD10027 JRD-100 Duct Connector - sold per 30m boxS$688.56

    Please ask us for the per carton price for LVJBX

  • Cam-Lock

     Technical Details
     Range $
    (GST incl.)
    LVCLCamlock Set #1283 2-piece door locking device - GalvS$2.86
  • Air Regulation Hardware
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LVRS2568085 Regulator Rapit RS256 (Pkt of 10sets)L$53.37
  • Vane Rail

     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LVVRMT4002 Dyn-o-Rail Vane Rail 30 metre rollS$280.78
  • Sword Joint
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    (GST incl.)
    SWGalv Sword Joint .75mm x 2.4mtrS$13.58
  • Access Doors - Flat walled duct
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    FAD100Flat Access Panel 200x100mm doorL$52.53
    FAD200Flat Access Panel 300x200mm doorL$82.16

    Larger sizes available POA.

  • Curved Access Doors
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    CAD100Curved Access Panel 180x80mm 100diaL$61.66
    CAD150Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 150diaL$74.87
    CAD200Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 200diaL$78.40
    CAD250Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 250diaL$80.16
    CAD300Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 300diaL$80.16
    CAD350Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 350diaL$81.90
    CAD400Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 400diaL$94.25
    CAD400LCurved Access Panel 400x300 400diaL$125.07

    Larger sizes available POA.

  • Bullock Access Doors
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LVAP0Access Panel AP0 door650x500mm (entry 610x460)S$353.08
    LVAP1Access Panel AP1 door500x375mm (entry465x330)S$168.13
    LVAP2Access Panel AP2 door375x240mm (entry 335x200)S$127.79
    LVAP3Access Panel AP3 door240x150mm (entry210x120)S$73.15
  • Doby Verromax Flange System
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    Flange20VM20 Verromax Flange 20mm x3mS$17.10
    Flange20cVM20C Corner for VM20 flange, 20mmS$2.54
    Flange20scVF20SC Short Corner for VM20 flange, 20mmS$1.48
    Flange30VM30 Verromax Flange 30mm x3mS$26.43
    Flange30cVF30C Corner for VM30 flange, 30mmS$2.30
    FlangeClampUniversal Flange Clamp 20mmS$2.86
    FlangeCleatVF20CL Clip/Cleat for 20 & 30mm flangeS$2.04
    TVDS100 Turning Vane 3m lengthS$23.32
    TVTDS101 Turning Vane Track 3m lengthS$23.32
    TVtoolDS104 Turning Vane Fixing ToolS$301.88

    The Doby Verromax HVAC Flange System is a high performing flange imported from the UK.

  • Standard Flange System
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     Technical Details
     Range $
    (GST incl.)
    LV120i120I Flange ISO G/S 20mm 5mS$48.35
    LV120LS120LS Flange Duct G/S with seal 20mm 5mS$31.02
    LV130i130I Flange ISO G/S 30mm 5mS$76.02
    LV130LS130LS Flange Duct G/S with seal 30mm 5mS$47.92
    LV22528M225 Corner for 120 Flange SystemS$1.60
    LV23328M233 Corner for 130 Flange SystemS$2.39

    See Threaded Rods and Accessories for nuts, bolts and washers to fit:

  • Flange Accessories
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LV120C120C 20mm Cleat 100mm or 150mmS$2.43
    LV124/2 CLT124 Flange 2m Cleat to suit 120LS (20mm total width)S$13.46
    LV130C130C 30mm Cleat 100mm or 150mmS$2.67
    LV134/2CLT134 Flange 2m Cleat to suit 130LS (25mm total width)S$15.12
    LV50528M505 Clamp for FlangeL$3.12
    LVKLEMCA119/050 Mez ISO 50mm Klemm Capping 2mtrL$19.35
    LVKLEMCAP119/025 Mez ISO 25mm Klemm Capping 2mtrL$14.62
  • VentureClad external duct cladding
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    VC1577-E1577CW VentureClad Silver Embossed per sqm (roll is 1x50m)I$49.11
    VC1577-P1577CW VentureClad Silver Plain per sqm (roll is 1x50)S$52.12
    VC15791579CW VentureClad Silver Plain 584mmx22.86 rollIPOA

    Self-adhesive weatherproof cladding system. The self-adhesive system requires NO rivets, screws or sealants. Suitable for use on all insulation materials including Nitrile rubber, Foamglas, Calcium Silicate, Phenolic foam, PIR insulation and mineral fibre.