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  • Tapes and Sealants
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    METALSEALDuct Sealer Metalseal 375ml greyS$14.48
    MS-adhesiveMS Safe Fix Adhesive 430gS$26.30
    MS-blackMS Safe Seal Black Sealant 430gS$26.30
    MS-greyMS Safe Seal Grey Sealant 430gS$25.82
    MS-whiteMS Safe Seal White Sealant 430gS$25.82
    MS35GCQuilosa MS35 Grey 300ml cartridge (Auck only)S$29.54
    MS35GSQuilosa MS35 Grey 600ml sausage (Auck only)S$42.33
    SILAFLEXNRoof & Gutter Neutral-cure Silicon Clear 300gS$13.97
    TAPEBnittoTape Nitto Black 48mmx30mS$8.17
    TAPESnittoTape Nitto Silver 48mmx30mS$8.17
    TAPEWnittoTape Nitto White 48mmx30mS$8.17
    TPBTape Plastic Duct 48mmx30m BlackS$11.29
    TPWTape Plastic Duct 48mmx30m WhiteS$11.29
    TRTape Reinforced Alu Foil Acrylic Adhesive 48mmx50mS$31.44
    TR-75mmTape Reinforced Alu Foil Acrylic Adhesive 75mmx50mS$54.92
    TSFTape Foam Seal 4.8mmx15mmx15.2mS$31.86
    TWTape Aluminium Foil 48mmx50m #805L$26.37
  • Thermobreak & Duct Wrap
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    DW 5mDuctwrap FireStop 1.2mx25mm R0.69 x5m minimum don't cutS$110.00
    DW mDuctwrap FireStop 1.2mx25mm R0.69 per lin mtr (roll20x1.2m)S$22.01
    TB05Thermobreak Foil Faced 5mmx1.2m /sqm (60sqm/roll)S$31.27
    TB05aThermobreak Foil+Adhesive 5mmx1.2m /sqm (60sqm/roll)S$54.42
    TB10Thermobreak Foil Faced 10mmx1.2m /sqm (30sqm/roll)S$43.18
    TB10aThermobreak Foil+Adhesive 10mmx1.2m /sqm (30sqm/roll)S$60.52
    TB20aThermobreak Foil+Adhesive 20mmx1.2m /sqm (x20m=24sqm/roll)L$92.13
    TBAP15Thermobreak AcoustiPlus BlackFoil 15mmx1.2m /sqm (24sq/roll)S$63.73

    Thermobreak- Volume discount available. POA. Other styles available on request.
    DuctWrap - Min order 5m (or 20m x DWm to buy whole 20m roll). Fibreglass

  • Doby Verromax Flange System
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    Flange20VM20 Verromax Flange 20mm x3mS$16.28
    Flange20cVM20C Corner for VM20 flange, 20mmSPOA
    Flange20scVF20SC Corner for VM20 flange, 20mmS$1.41
    Flange30VM30 Verromax Flange 30mm x3mS$25.17
    Flange30cVF30C Corner for VM30 flange, 30mmS$2.19
    FlangeClampUniversal Flange Clamp 20mmS$2.73
    FlangeCleatVF20CL Clip/Cleat for 20 & 30mm flangeS$1.94
    TVDS100 Turning Vane 3m lengthS$22.21
    TVTDS101 Turning Vane Track 3m lengthS$22.21
  • Flange System
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     Technical Details
     Range $
    (GST incl.)
    LV120i120I Flange ISO G/S 20mm 5mS$46.94
    LV120LS120LS Flange Duct G/S with seal 20mm 5mS$30.11
    LV130i130I Flange ISO G/S 30mm 5mS$73.80
    LV130LS130LS Flange Duct G/S with seal 30mm 5mS$46.53

    The Flange System allows fast and economical connection of ducts.
    The advantage of the four screw connection is the fact that the duct only needs to be bolted together in the four corners. The Flange profile is stressed to provide uniform pressure over the entire length of the joint. This ensures a tight mechanical fit. The customer can choose from different flanges and corners are also available.
    The flange system 20 is suitable for small duct cross-sections and low operating pressures while the 30 systems are suitable for all ducts with low to medium operating pressures.

  • Flange Corners
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     Technical Details
     Range $
    (GST incl.)
    LV22528M225 Corner for 120 Flange SystemS$1.55
    LV23328M233 Corner for 130 Flange SystemS$2.32

    Flange Corners:
    - Leakage tested according to DIN 24194 part 1, and HVCA DW/TM1 standard specification.
    - The 225's are suitable for 120 flange and 233's for 130 flange.
    - Made out of stamped steel in New Zealand.
    See Threaded Rods and Accessories for nuts, bolts and washers to fit:

  • Latch

     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LV50528M505 Latch for clamping FlangeL$3.02

    - Ideal joining element for additional joints on large duct cross sections and for high pressure.
    - They are easy and quick to install & have a reinforcemet rib along the whole length
    - Eliminates the costs involved in pre-assembly and drilling.

  • ISO Klemm Capping
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LVKLEMCA119/050 Mez ISO 50mm Klemm Capping 2mtrL$18.79
    LVKLEMCAP119/025 Mez ISO 25mm Klemm Capping 2mtrL$14.19

    Iso Klemm
    - The Isoklemm is made out of PVC and prevents heat flow between the inner and outside of the duct.
    - The Isoklemm is heat resistant up to +70C
    - These are available to suit different insulation thicknesses 25mm & 50mm

  • Duct Joining Cleats
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LV120C120C 20mm Cleat x100 or 150mmS$2.36
    LV124/2 CLT124 Flange 2m Cleat to suit 120LS (20mm total width)S$13.06
    LV130C130C 30mm Cleat x100 or 150mmS$2.59
    LV134/2CLT134 Flange 2m Cleat to suit 130LS (25mm total width)S$14.69

    - The Cleats 124 & 134 provide extra stability and precision connection for larger sections.
    - Can also be used as a "weather cap" for outside installations
    - Cleats are ideal for mounting in areas which are difficult to reach.
    - The 120C and the 130C are the bang on cleats suitable for open ducting.
    - They provide extra rigidity as compared to other similar products.
    - 124 & 134
    - 120C & 130C
    - 124 & 134 Cleat: 2 Mtrs Long
    - 120C & 130C Cleat: 150mm Long

  • Flexible Duct Connectors
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    FDCDS109 Flexible Duct Connector 150mm(45-60-45) x25mS$324.92
    LVJBX/m10169 JBX100 Flexible Connection per lin mtrS$17.95
    LVJRD10027 JRD-100 Duct Connector - sold per 30m boxS$668.51

    Please ask us for the per carton price for LVJBX

  • Cam-Lock

     Technical Details
     Range $
    (GST incl.)
    LVCLCamlock Set #1283S$2.78
  • Air Regulation Hardware
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LVRS2568085 Regulator Rapit RS256 (Pkt of 10sets)L$51.82
  • Vane Rail

     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LVVRMT4002 Dyn-o-Rail Vane Rail 30 metre rollS$272.61
  • Sword Joint
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    (GST incl.)
    SWGalv Sword Joint .75mm x 2.4mtrS$12.70
  • Access Doors - Flat walled duct
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    FAD100Flat Access Panel 200x100mm doorL$51.00
    FAD200Flat Access Panel 300x200mm doorL$79.76

    Larger sizes available POA.

  • Curved Access Doors
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    CAD100Curved Access Panel 180x80mm 100diaL$59.87
    CAD150Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 150diaL$72.68
    CAD200Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 200diaL$76.11
    CAD250Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 250diaL$77.82
    CAD300Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 300diaL$77.82
    CAD350Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 350diaL$79.52
    CAD400Curved Access Panel 250x150mm 400diaL$91.51
    CAD400LCurved Access Panel 400x300 400diaL$121.43

    Larger sizes available POA.

  • Bullock Access Doors
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LVAP0Access Panel AP0 door650x500mm (entry 610x460)S$342.80
    LVAP1Access Panel AP1 door500x375mm (entry465x330)S$163.23
    LVAP2Access Panel AP2 door375x240mm (entry 335x200)S$124.06
    LVAP3Access Panel AP3 door240x150mm (entry210x120)S$71.02
  • VentureClad external duct cladding
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    VC1577-E1577CW VentureClad Silver Embossed per sqm (roll is 1x50m)I$46.77
    VC1577-P1577CW VentureClad Silver Plain per sqm (roll is 1x50)S$49.63
    VC15791579CW VentureClad Silver Plain 584mmx22.86 rollIPOA

    Self-adhesive weatherproof cladding system. The self-adhesive system requires NO rivets, screws or sealants. Suitable for use on all insulation materials including Nitrile rubber, Foamglas, Calcium Silicate, Phenolic foam, PIR insulation and mineral fibre.