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  • Doby Verromax Flange System
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    Flange20VM20 Verromax Flange 20mm x3mS$16.28
    Flange20cVM20C Corner for VM20 flange, 20mmS$2.42
    Flange20scVF20SC Short Corner for VM20 flange, 20mmS$1.41
    Flange30VM30 Verromax Flange 30mm x3mS$25.17
    Flange30cVF30C Corner for VM30 flange, 30mmS$2.19
    FlangeClampUniversal Flange Clamp 20mmS$2.73
    FlangeCleatVF20CL Clip/Cleat for 20 & 30mm flangeS$1.94
    TVDS100 Turning Vane 3m lengthS$22.21
    TVTDS101 Turning Vane Track 3m lengthS$22.21
    TVtoolDS104 Turning Vane Fixing ToolS$287.50

    The Doby Verromax HVAC Flange System is a high performing flange imported from the UK.

  • Standard Flange System
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LV120i120I Flange ISO G/S 20mm 5mS$46.94
    LV120LS120LS Flange Duct G/S with seal 20mm 5mS$30.11
    LV130i130I Flange ISO G/S 30mm 5mS$73.80
    LV130LS130LS Flange Duct G/S with seal 30mm 5mS$46.53
    LV22528M225 Corner for 120 Flange SystemS$1.55
    LV23328M233 Corner for 130 Flange SystemS$2.32

    See Threaded Rods and Accessories for nuts, bolts and washers to fit:

  • Flange accessories
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LV120C120C 20mm Cleat x100 or 150mmS$2.36
    LV124/2 CLT124 Flange 2m Cleat to suit 120LS (20mm total width)S$13.06
    LV130C130C 30mm Cleat x100 or 150mmS$2.59
    LV134/2CLT134 Flange 2m Cleat to suit 130LS (25mm total width)S$14.69
    LV50528M505 Latch for clamping FlangeL$3.02
    LVKLEMCA119/050 Mez ISO 50mm Klemm Capping 2mtrL$18.79
    LVKLEMCAP119/025 Mez ISO 25mm Klemm Capping 2mtrL$14.19