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Insulated Plenums
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    (GST incl.)
    NSplen19TDTD Plenum - Manufactured Non-Standard 2019LPOA
    PlenAdaptorPlenum Adaptor required for every PlenS & PlenRL$67.92
    PlenR0500Plenum Return 500L/s 1spigot-350dia TDpanelL$203.77
    PlenR0700Plenum Return 700L/s 2spigot-300dia TDpanelL$226.41
    PlenR1000Plenum Return 1000L/s 2spigot-350dia TDpanelL$238.48
    PlenS0500Plenum Supply 500L/s 2spigot-250dia TDpanelL$203.77
    PlenS0700Plenum Supply 700L/s 3spigot-250dia TDpanelL$232.44
    PlenS1000Plenum Supply 1000L/s 3spigot-300dia TDpanelL$268.67

    Plenum Adaptors are required for every Plenum. They are available for common heat pumps. RRP $64.49.
    As insulated Plenums are custom built items, normal delivery is 3-4 days depending on the size of the order. Pricing is based on the number and size of the collar/s and dampers used in each fitting. Please contact us for more information.
    Insulated plenums are made of TD Panel or insulated metal.

    See also DC Dampers.