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Fire Dampers
  • Intumescent Fire Dampers
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    iFD-CE3-150Intumescent Fire Damper 150mm for fire rated ceilingsL$408.10
    iFD-D450450Intumescent Fire Damper Door kit 450x450mm SilverS$1,388.68
    iFD-D600300Intumescent Fire Damper Door kit 600x300mm SilverS$1,388.68
    iFD-D600600Intumescent Fire Damper Door kit 600x600mm SilverI$2,637.87
    iFD100LLIntumescent Fire Damper 100 Low Loss in 104dia360mmTubeS$165.43
    iFD125LLIntumescent Fire Damper 125 Low Loss in 129dia360mmTubeS$182.85
    iFD150LLIntumescent Fire Damper 150 Low Loss in 154dia360mmTubeS$205.28
    iFD200LLIntumescent Fire Damper 200 Low Loss in 204dia360mmTubeS$294.15
    iFD350LLIntumescent Fire Damper 350 Low Loss in 354dia360mmTubeS$1,095.78
    iFD44 C145Intumescent Fire Damper 145x145mm square caseI$246.49
    iFD44 C195Intumescent Fire Damper 195x195mm square caseI$298.72
    iFD44 C245Intumescent Fire Damper 245x245mm square caseI$401.71
    iFD44 C295Intumescent Fire Damper 295x295mm square caseI$460.62
    iFD44-145x145Intumescent Fire Damper 145x145mm square single (exact size)S$172.58
    iFD44-195x195Intumescent Fire Damper 195x195mm square single (exact size)S$213.19
    iFD44-245x245Intumescent Fire Damper 245x245mm square single (exact size)S$304.55
    iFD44-295x295Intumescent Fire Damper 295x295mm square single (exact size)S$319.25
    iFD44-395x395Intumescent Fire Damper 395x395mm square single (exact size)S$565.63
    iFDLIM-310GSealant Mastic Grey 310ml for Kilargo fire dampersS$13.29

    Kilargo Mastic Sealant must be used with every installation for compliance.
    Kilargo iFD-D Fire Door Kits are approved for use in most fire doors. Check with specific fire door manufacturer's approvals to ensure this item is correct for your application. Kits include: 35mm fire damper, cover grilles, mastic, and instruction sheet.
    Fire Test Certificates can be provided after purchase, watermarked with project and contractor's name.
    For installation instructions, view: Selector Chart

  • Trafalgar FyreWrap System
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    (GST incl.)
    FyreFlex600GFyreFlex Sealant 600ml Sausage - GreyI$30.19
    FyreWrapElite0610FyreWrap Elite610 610mm x 7.62m x 38mm thickI$1,311.56
    FyreWrapElite1220FyreWrap Elite1220 1220mm x 7.62m x 38mm thickI$2,623.14
    Maxilite100Maxilite FireRated board strips 1000x60x100mmI$78.30
    Maxilite150Maxilite FireRated board strips 1000x60x150mmI$96.95