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Ceiling Diffusers - Plastic
  • Ceiling diffusers, Round & Square - Plastic
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    adRED150RED15 Round Egg Crate Ceiling Diffuser 150dia c/w damperS$40.79
    adRED200RED20 Round Egg Crate Ceiling Diffuser 200dia c/w damperS$60.39
    GAM15061336 Grille EggCrate Plastic 150mm MagneticRemovableCoreS$69.95
    PYCD150PYCD150 Round Ceiling Diffuser 150diaS$72.57
    PYCD200237100 Round Ceiling Diffuser 200diaS$79.36
    PYCD250237101 Round Ceiling Diffuser 250diaS$83.88
    PYCD300237102 Round Ceiling Diffuser 300diaS$95.23
    PYDJD150235446 Downjet Diffuser 150diaS$54.42
    PYDJD200235447 Downjet Diffuser 200diaS$63.49
    PYDJD250C936 Diffuser Round Downjet 250diaS$85.71
    PYDJD300Diffuser Round Downjet 300diaS$160.14
    PYHD150231085 Heritage Diffuser 150dia (limited stock)S$87.30
    PYHD200231086 Heritage Diffuser 200diaS$97.05
    PYHD300231088 Heritage Diffuser 300diaS$116.54
    VEA100VRFCeiling diffuser adjustable flow 100mmS$40.26
    VEA125VRFCeiling diffuser adjustable flow 125mmS$46.67
    VEA150VRFCeiling diffuser adjustable flow 150mmS$51.59
    VEmv125PFsCeiling Diffuser round plastic 125mm with insect screenS$24.53
    VEmv150PFsCeiling Diffuser rnd plastic 150 w insect screenS$26.89
    VEmv200VLLD grille plaque style with flange 150spigotS$51.60

    *PYCD Round ceiling diffusers:- Spread air out around the room without creating obvious draught patterns. Incrementally adjustable from fully closed.
    *PYDJD Downjet diffusers:- Throws air downward in a column. Useful for high ceilings and stairwells to push air a long way.
    *PYHD Heritage Diffusers:- Three stage regulation from closed through partially open to fully open so that airflow needs can be tailored. - Fully adjustable (one touch adjustment for air flow control) - Incorporating neck adaptor and spring loaded fixing clips.

  • Swirl Diffusers
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    SD200Swirl Diffusers 200mm - White PlasticS$15.42
    SD250Swirl Diffusers 250mm - White PlasticS$18.16
    SD300Swirl Diffusers 300mm - White PlasticS$28.91
    SDA200d1332 SwirlDiffuser Adaptor 200mm BlackPlastic- w/damper setS$21.92
    SDA250Swirl Diffuser Adaptor 250mm - Black PlasticS$25.29
    SDA300Swirl Diffuser Adaptor 300mm - Black PlasticS$33.05
  • Round ceiling diffusers - metal
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    (GST incl.)
    VEAM125VRFNCeiling Diffuser Stainless Steel 125 diaS$57.71
    VEAM150VRFNCeiling Diffuser Stainless Steel 150 diaS$57.71
    VEAM200VRFNCeiling Diffuser Stainless Steel 200 diaS$126.10

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