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Rectangular Ceiling Diffusers - Plastic
  • Square plastic ceiling diffusers
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    (GST incl.)
    GAM15061336 Grille EggCrate Plastic 150mm MagneticRemovableCoreS$83.40
    VE871PVCduct flat grille 92x231mm BE64x208mm (to fit 60x204)S$36.14
    VEmv200VLLD grille plaque style with flange 150spigot 205sq faceS$61.53
  • MDO Multi Directional Outlet
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MDO250DV2525 Multi Directional Outlet 263sqNeck 320face PlasticS$39.65
    MDO300DV3030 Multi Directional Outlet 318sqNeck 377face PlasticS$61.72
    MDO350DV3535 Multi Directional Outlet 373sqNeck 433face PlasticS$79.34
    MDO400DV4040 Multi Directional Outlet 394sqNeck 454face PlasticS$92.54
    MDO450DV4545 Multi Directional Outlet 462sqNeck 533face PlasticS$123.38

    *MDO:- Completely flush louvre blades, even when fully open.- Adjustable louvre blades.- Louvre panel directions can be changed- For use in all static and adjustable applications as the increased holding force maintains the louvres in the desired position even in strong air flow.- Each biscuit can be removed and replaced in the other direction.- Use MDOna style neck adaptors.
    *PYMDO(X): - Use PYPA, PYPABF or PLAD style neck adaptors

    See also Side Entry Grille Boxes, Cushion Heads, and Echidnas

  • MDO Accessories

    (GST incl.)
    MDOna2515DVNA2515 Plastic Neck Adaptor 263sq - 150dia (142)S$21.00
    MDOna2520DVNA2520 Plastic Neck Adaptor 263sq - 200dia (192)S$21.00
    MDOna3025DVNA3025 Plastic Neck Adaptor 318sq - 250dia (242)S$25.17
    MDOna3030DVNA3030 Plastic Neck Adaptor 318sq - 300dia (292)S$25.17
    MDOna3530DVNA3530 Plastic Neck Adaptor 373sq - 300dia (292)S$29.38
    MDOna3535DVNA3535 Plastic Neck Adaptor 373sq - 350dia (342)S$29.38
    MDOna4035DVNA4035 Plastic Neck Adaptor 394sq - 350dia (342)S$31.49
    MDOna4040DVNA4040 Plastic Neck Adaptor 394sq - 400dia (394)S$31.49
    MDOna4540DVNA4540 Plastic Neck Adaptor 462sq - 400dia (392)S$39.88
    MDOna4545DVNA4545 Plastic Neck Adaptor 462sq - 450dia (445)S$39.88

    * MDOna for use with MDO