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Rectangular Ceiling Diffusers - Metal
  • Square ceiling diffuser
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    BEX GrilleBex Ceiling Diffuser 300x300mm (360x360 face) 150dia wP/coatL$375.48
    GL300/150-3wCD15303W Louvre Face Diffuser 300/150-3wS$110.18
    GL300/150-4wCD1530 Louvre Face Diffuser 300/150-4wS$110.18
    GL375/225-2wCCD22372C Louvre Face Diffuser 375/225-2w CornerS$132.20
    GL375/225-3wCD22373W Louvre Face Diffuser 375/225-3wS$132.20
    GL375/225-4wCD2237 Louvre Face Diffuser 375/225-4wS$132.20
    GL450/300-2wCCD30452C Louvre Face Diffuser 450/300-2wcS$154.24
    GL450/300-2wOCD30452O Louvre Face Diffuser 450/300-2woS$154.24
    GL450/300-3wCD30453W Louvre Face Diffuser 450/300-3wS$154.24
    GL450/300-4wCD3045 Louvre Face Diffuser 450/300-4wS$154.24
    GL525/375-3wCD37523W Louvre Face Diffuser 525/375-3wS$165.27
    GL525/375-4wCD3752 Louvre Face Diffuser 525/375-4wS$165.27
    GL595/450-4wCD4560S Louvre Face Diffuser 595/450-4wS$168.28
    PDA225BPlaque only to suit 225 DiffuserL$189.08
    PDA300BPlaque only to suit 300 DiffuserL$164.07
    PDA375BPlaque only to suit 375 DiffuserL$245.56
  • Linear Slot diffusers
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    LS-600/1LSD125-600-2 LinearSlot Diffuser white 1slot 25mm 600L-2endsS$224.65
    LS-600/2LSD225-600-2 LinearSlot Diffuser white 2slot 25mm 600L-2endsS$249.62
    LS1200/1LSD125-1200-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 1slot 25mm 1200L-2endS$324.51
    LS1200/2LSD225-1200-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 2slot 25mm 1200L-2endS$374.42
    LS1200/3LSD325-1200-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 3slot 25mm 1200L-2endS$416.04
    LS1500/2LSD225-1500-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 2slot 25mm 1500L-2endS$407.70
    LS1500/3LSD325-1500-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 3slot 25mm 1500L-2endS$465.95
    PYLS1LS1F12 Linear Slot Diffuser 1200 x 1 SlotS$426.89
    PYLS2LS2F12 Linear Slot Diffuser 1200 x 2 SlotS$569.17
    PYLS3LS3F12 Linear Slot Diffuser 1200 x 3 SlotS$732.85

    Linear Slot Diffusers can be used in ceiling or wall.
    TxESD & TxVSD require the TxESD plenums & TxVSDplenums as below
    Tx diffusers - Limited Stock

  • Plenums for Linear Slot Diffusers
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    (GST incl.)
    NSplenumGSGalv Plenums - Manufactured Non-Standard (from 2017)LPOA
    NSplenz21TDTD Plenum - Manufactured Non-Standard 2021LPOA

    Limited Stock

  • Twister Ceiling Swirl Diffusers
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    TWSa308Twister Ceiling Swirl Diffuser 300x300 adj blade 8 slotS$97.91
    TWSa416Twister Ceiling Swirl Diffuser 400x400 adj blade 16 slotS$116.74
    TWSa524Twister Ceiling Swirl Diffuser 500x500 adj blade 24 slotS$135.55
    TWSa616Twister Ceiling Swirl Diffuser 600x600 adj blade 16 slotS$164.43
    TWSa624Twister Ceiling Swirl Diffuser 600x600 adj blade 24 slotS$272.75
    TWSa648TwisterCeilingSwirlDiffuser600x600 32adj,16fixedblade 48slotS$327.29
  • TWR Twister Swirl Ceiling Diffuser
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  • PSA & PSB Swirl Diffuser
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