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Return Air Grilles
  • Metal return air grilles
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    F300Panel Filter 285sq (EU2) with 10mm hole - to suit PYHF300S$86.20
    F400Panel Filter 383sq (EU2) - to suit PYHF400S$86.20
    F595Panel Filter 538sq max (EU2) - to suit PYHF595S$97.95
    GT100Grille Tension Spring (110mm = 80+ hooks10+20)L$3.19
    NSgrilleManuGrilles AOL, EC etc - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA
    PYEC CLIPSClips for Eggcrate GrilleI$1.47
    PYEC1195/595LE1159 Egg Crate Grille 1195x595S$242.95
    PYEC150LE1515 Egg Crate Grille 150sq Loose coreS$56.90
    PYEC200LE2020 Egg Crate Grille 200sq Loose coreS$62.87
    PYEC250LE2525 Egg Crate Grille 250sq Loose coreS$71.76
    PYEC300LE3030 Egg Crate Grille 300sq Loose coreS$83.66
    PYEC400LE4040 Egg Crate Grille 400sq Loose coreS$113.55
    PYEC5929LE5929 Egg Crate Grille 595x295face TBar (553x253neck)S$155.39
    PYEC595LE5959 Egg Crate Grille 595sq face (553sq neck)S$155.39
    PYHF1195/595HE1159 Hinged Filter Grille 1195x595 face (nom 1150x550neck)S$443.21
    PYHF150HE1515 Hinged Filter Grille 150sqS$186.78
    PYHF200HE2020 Hinged Filter Grille 200sqS$203.77
    PYHF250HE2525 Hinged Filter Grille 250sqS$220.74
    PYHF300HE3030 Hinged Filter Grille 300sqS$173.94
    PYHF400HE4040 Hinged Filter Grille 400sqS$197.89
    PYHF595HE5959 Hinged Filter Grille 595sq face (548sq neck)S$238.58
    PYHF600/300HE6030 Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 300sqS$294.40
    PYHF600/400HE6040 Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 400sqS$307.59
    PYHF600/450HE6045 Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 450sqS$323.93
    PYHF700/400HE704 Hinged Filter Grille 700 x 400S$320.38
    PYHF750/400HE7540 Hinged Filter Grille 750 x 400S$323.31
    PYHF750/550HE7555 Hinged Filter Grille 750 x 550S$351.36
    PYHF900/400HE9040 Hinged Filter Grille 900 x 400S$368.31
    PYHF900/600Hinged Filter Grille 900x600 exWellingtonOnly,whileStockLastS$241.50

    PYHF1195/595 has sorted to middle of table. Ditto PYEC1195/595.
    Return Air Grille with Hinged Filter Type PYHF white only. POA for special colours.
    PYEC6030SP only available in Auckland. Special price, while stocks last.
    Other sizes may be available, please enquire.