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  • TROX Jet Diffusers
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    TxDUK-V-R/630/P1Jet Diffuser 630mmS$1,968.20
    TxDUK200DUK-V-K-/200/P1 TROX JetNozzle 200mmIPOA
    TxDUK250DUK-V-K-/250/P1 TROX Jet Nozzle 250mmIPOA
    TxDUK400DUK-V-K-/400/P1 TROX Jet Nozzle 400mmIPOA
    TxTJN-R-200/DJet Nozzle TJN 200S$308.41
    TxTJN-R-250/DJet Nozzle TJN 250IPOA
    TxTJN-R-400/DJet Nozzle TJN 400SPOA
  • TROX Linear Slot Diffusers
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    TxESD-1/1200/0/0ESD linear diffuser 1200mmx1slotS$161.06
    TxESD-1/600/0/0ESD linear diffuser 600mmx1slotS$138.56
    TxESD-2/1200/0/0ESD linear diffuser 1200mmx2slotS$200.64
    TxESD-2/1500/0/0ESD linear diffuser 1500mmx2slotS$220.44
    TxESD-2/600/0/0ESD linear diffuser 600mmx2slotS$164.68
    TxESD-3/1200/0/0ESD linear diffuser 1200mmx3slotS$240.26
    TxESD-3/1500/0/0ESD linear diffuser 1500mmx3slotS$267.73
    TxESD-4/1500/0/0ESD linear diffuser 1500mmx4slotS$313.12
    TxVSD35-2/1200/0/0VSD35 TROX Linear Diffuser 1200mmx2slotS$313.12
    TxVSD35-2/1500/0/0VSD35 TROX Linear Diffuser 1500mmx2slotS$346.41
    TxVSD35-2/600/0/0VSD35 TROX Linear Diffuser 600mmx2slotS$259.12
    TxVSD35-3/1200/0/0VSD35 TROX Linear Diffuser 1200mmx3slotS$362.59
    TxVSD35-3/1500/0/0VSD35 TROX Linear Diffuser 1500mmx3slotS$362.59
    TxVSD35-3/1800/0/0VSD35 TROX Linear Diffuser 1800mmx3slotS$463.38
  • TROX plenums for Linear Slot Diffusers
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1200-1Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1200mmx1slot 150diaS$273.17
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1200-2Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1200mmx2slotS$296.92
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1200-3Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1200mmx3slotS$315.92
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1500-2Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1500mmx2slotS$380.85
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1500-3Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1500mmx3slotS$399.86
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1500-4Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1500mmx4slotS$418.86
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/600-1Plenum for ESDdiffuser 600mmx1slotS$247.84
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/600-2Plenum for ESDdiffuser 600mmx2slotS$262.87
    TxVSD35plenumDK-M/1200-2Plenum for VSD35diffuser 1200mmx2slotS$288.99
    TxVSD35plenumDK-M/1200-3Plenum for VSD35diffuser 1200mmx3slotS$319.08
    TxVSD35plenumDK-M/1500-2Plenum for VSD35diffuser 1500mmx2slotS$380.06
    TxVSD35plenumDK-M/600-2Plenum for VSD35diffuser 600mmx2slotS$253.37
  • TROX Bar Grilles

     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    TxAGS-A/350x150/A1/0/0Linear Bar Grille fixed chevron blades (vision-blocking)S$182.13
    TxAGS-A/500x250/A1/0/0Linear Bar Grille fixed chevron blades (vision-blocking)S$255.54
    TxAT-A/350x150/A1/0/0Linear Bar Grille adjustable blades (Face only)S$255.54
    TxAT-A/500x250/A1/0/0Linear Bar Grille adjustable blades (Face only)S$308.09
    TxAT-D/200x150/A1/0/0Linear Bar Grille adjustable + deflection blades 200x150mmSPOA
  • TROX Volume Flow Regulators
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    TxRNnw150Volume Flow metal 149dia RN150S$494.70
    TxRNnw160Volume Flow metal 159dia RN160S$494.70
    TxRNnw200Volume Flow metal 199dia RN200S$522.28
    TxVFL100Volume Flow Limiter plastic 100dia x 100mmI$143.39
    TxVFL125Volume Flow Limiter plastic 125dia x 118mmI$166.03
    TxVFL150Volume Flow Limiter plastic 150dia x 148mmS$172.07
    TxVFL200Volume Flow Limiter plastic 200dia x 175mmS$289.80
    TxVFL250Volume Flow Limiter plastic 250dia x 220mmS$348.67
  • TROX ceiling diffusers
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    TxLVS125LVS/125 roundDiscValve whiteMetal Extract face162 neck124diaI$55.85
    TxLVS160/G1LVS/160 roundDiscValve whiteMetal ExtractIPOA
    TxLVS200LVS/200 roundDiscValve whiteMetal Extract face245 neck199diaI$90.56
  • TROX Swirl Diffusers
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    (GST incl.)
    GBTDLW595TD LightWeight Grille Box 595x595TROX - Specify Spigot diaLPOA
    TxAirnamic-Q-Z-F/300HPlastic Swirl Diffuser Airnamic Square 300mmS$135.13
    TxAirnamic-Q-Z-F/600HPlastic Swirl Diffuser Airnamic Square 600mmIPOA
    TxAirnamic-R-Z-F/600HPlastic Swirl Diffuser Airnamic Round 600diaIPOA
    TxTDF-SA-Q-Z/500Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 462dia in 500sq face RAL9010S$162.71
    TxTDF-SA-Q-Z/600Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 559dia in 600sq face RAL9010S$181.43
    TxVDL-V-0/315VDL-V/315/0 Adjustable Swirl diffuser top inlet 315diaS$461.06
    TxVDL-V-0/400VDL-V/400/0 Adjustable Swirl diffuser top inlet 400diaI$709.41
    TxVDL-V-0/630VDL-V/630/0 Adjustable Swirl Diffuser top inlet 630diaI$1,222.59
    TxVDL-V-0/800VDL-V/800/0 Adjustable Swirl Diffuser top inlet 800diaI$2,264.06
    TxVDW308VDW-Q-Z/300x8/Q21/0 Trox Swirl Diffuser 300mm x 8 bladesS$70.19
    TxVDW416VDW-Q-Z/400x16/Q21/0 Trox Swirl Diffuser 400mm x 16 bladesS$83.69
    TxVDW524VDW-Q-Z/500x24/Q21/0 Trox Swirl Diffuser 500mm x 24 bladesS$97.17
    TxVDW624VDW-Q-Z-600x24/Q21/0 Trox SwirlDiffuser 600mm x 24 bladesS$195.51
    TxVDW648VDW-Q-Z/600x48/Q21/0 Trox Swirl Diffuser 600mm x 48 bladesS$234.62
  • Nailor Air Distribution Equipment imported to order
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    NSgrilleGrilles - Agency Non StandardIPOA

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