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Commercial Air Distribution Equipment
  • Jet Diffusers

    (GST incl.)
    TxDUK-V-R/630/P1Jet Nozzle 630mm Metal (limited stock)S$2,027.24
    TxDUK-V/200/P1Jet Nozzle 200mm Metal (limited stock)IPOA
    TxDUK-V/250/P1Jet Nozzle 250mm Metal (limited stock)IPOA
    TxTJN/250/DJet Nozzle TJN 250dia with swirl unit (limited stock)IPOA
    TxTJN/400/DJet Nozzle TJN 400dia with swirl unit (limited stock)SPOA

    Tx Diffusers - Limited Stock

  • Linear Slot Diffusers
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    (GST incl.)
    TxESD-1/1200/0/0ESD linear diffuser 1200mmx1slot (limited stock)S$165.89
    TxESD-1/600/0/0ESD linear diffuser 600mmx1slot (limited stock)S$142.72
    TxESD-2/1200/0/RAL9010ESD linear diffuser 1200mmx2slot (1232mm) (limited stock)S$206.66
    TxESD-3/1200/0/0ESD linear diffuser 1200mmx3slot (limited stock)S$247.47
    TxESD-3/1500/0/RAL9010ESD linear diffuser 1500mmx3slot (1532mm) (limited stock)S$275.76
    TxVSD35-2/1200/0/0/RAL9010VSD35 Linear Diffuser 1200mmx2slotS$322.52
    TxVSD35-2/600/0/0VSD35 Linear Diffuser 600mmx2slot (limited stock)S$266.89
    TxVSD35-3/1200/0/0VSD35 Linear Diffuser 1200mmx3slot (limited stock)S$373.46
    TxVSD35-3/1500/0/0VSD35 Linear Diffuser 1500mmx3slot (limited stock)S$373.46

    Limited Stock

  • Plenums for Linear Slot Diffusers
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    (GST incl.)
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1200-1Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1200mmx1slot 150dia (limited stock)S$281.37
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1200-2Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1200mmx2slot (198dia) (limited stock)S$305.84
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1200-3Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1200mmx3slot (limited stock)S$325.39
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1500-3Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1500mmx3slot (198dia) (limited stock)S$411.86
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/1500-4Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1500mmx4slot (limited stock)S$431.42
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/600-1Plenum for ESDdiffuser 600mmx1slot (limited stock)S$255.28
    TxESDplenumAK-M/i1/600-2Plenum for ESDdiffuser 600mmx2slot (148dia) (limited stock)S$270.77
    TxVSD35plenumDK-M/1200-2Plenum for VSD35diffuser 1200mmx2slot (limited stock)S$297.67
    TxVSD35plenumDK-M/1200-3Plenum for VSD35diffuser 1200mmx3slot (limited stock)S$328.65
    TxVSD35plenumDK-M/1500-2Plenum for VSD35diffuser 1500mmx2slot (limited stock)S$391.46
    TxVSD35plenumDK-M/600-2Plenum for VSD35diffuser 600mmx2slot (limited stock)S$260.97

    Limited Stock

  • Tx Bar Grilles

    (GST incl.)
    TxAGS-A/350x150/0/0/RAL9010LinearBarGrille fixed chevron(vision-blocking)blades 391x191S$187.59
    TxAGS-A/500x250/A1/0/0Linear Bar Grille fixed chevron blades (vision-blocking)S$263.21
    TxAT-A/350x150/0/0/RAL9010Linear Bar Grille adjustable blades (Face only) 395x191mmS$263.21
    TxAT-A/500x250/A1/0/0Linear Bar Grille adjustable blades (Face only)(limitedstockS$317.34
    TxAT-D/200x150/A1/0/0Linear Bar Grille adjustable +deflection blades 200x150mmSPOA

    Tx Bar grilles - Limited stock

  • Volume Flow Regulators
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    (GST incl.)
    TxEN/400x250EN400x250 Volume Control Damper (limited stock)SPOA
    TxEN/500x250EN500x250 Volume Control Damper (limited stock)SPOA
    TxRNnw100Volume Flow metal 99dia RN100 (limited stock)SPOA
    TxRNnw125Volume Flow metal 124dia RN125 (limited stock)SPOA
    TxRNnw160Volume Flow metal 159dia RN160 (limited stock)S$509.55
    TxRNnw200Volume Flow metal 199dia RN200 (limited stock)S$537.95
    TxRNnw250Volume Flow metal 249dia RN250 (limited stock)SPOA
    TxRNnw315Volume Flow metal 314dia RN315 (limited stock)SPOA
    TxRNnw400Volume Flow metal 399dia RN400 (limited stock)SPOA
    TxVFL100Volume Flow Limiter plastic 100dia x 100mm (limited stock)I$147.69
    TxVFL125Volume Flow Limiter plastic 125dia x 118mm (limited stock)I$171.02
    TxVFL150Volume Flow Limiter plastic 150dia x 148mm (limited stock)S$177.24
    TxVFL250Volume Flow Limiter plastic 250dia x 220mm (limited stock)S$359.13

    Tx Regulators - Limited stock

  • Cell Grilles (Prison)
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    (GST incl.)
    TxTCG1-A/150x150/0Cell Grille TCG1 150mm sq RAL9010 (limited stock)SPOA
    TxTCG1-A/200x200/0Cell Grille TCG1 200mm sq RAL9010 (limited stock)SPOA
    TxTCG1-A/250x250/0Cell Grille TCG1 250mm sq RAL9010 (limited stock)SPOA
    TxTCG1-A/300x300/0Cell Grille TCG1 300mm sq RAL9010 (limited stock)SPOA
    TxTCG1-AC/400x400/S1Cell Grille TCG1 400mm sq w round spigot RAL9010 (ltd stock)SPOA
    TxTCG3-A/250x250/S1Cell Grille TCG3 250mm sq RAL9010 (limited stock)SPOA

    Limited Stock

  • Ceiling diffusers

    (GST incl.)
    TxLVS160/G1LVS/160 roundDiscValve whiteMetal ExtractIPOA
    TxZ-LVS160/G1zLVS/160 roundDiscValve whiteMetal Supply (limited stock)IPOA

    Limited Stock

  • Swirl Diffusers

    (GST incl.)
    GBTDLW595TD LightWeight Grille Box 595x595 Tx - Specify Spigot diaLPOA
    TxAirnamic-Q-Z-F/300HPlastic Swirl Diffuser Airnamic Square 300mm (limited stock)S$139.20
    TxAirnamic-Q-Z-F/600HPlastic Swirl Diffuser Airnamic Square 600mm (limited stock)IPOA
    TxAirnamic-R-Z-F/400HPlastic SwirlDiffuser Airnamic Round 400dia RAL9016(ltdstockIPOA
    TxSD-Q-LR-S/180/P1SD Staircase Swirl diffuser, 180sq outer, 123spig (ltd stockSPOA
    TxTDF-SA-Q-Z/400/RAL9016Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 366dia in 400sq face (limited stockSPOA
    TxTDF-SA-Q-Z/500Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 462dia in 500sq face RAL9010S$167.59
    TxTDF-SA-Q-Z/600Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 559dia in 600sq face RAL9010S$186.86
    TxTDF-SA-Q-Z/600/RAL9016Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 559dia in 600sq face RAL9016SPOA
    TxTDF-SA-R-Z/400/RAL9016Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 366dia in 400round face RAL9016SPOA
    TxTDF-SA-R-Z/500/RAL9016Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 440dia in 500round face RAL9016SPOA
    TxTDF-SA-R-Z/600/RAL9016Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 530dia in 600round face RAL9016SPOA
    TxVDL-V-0/630VDL-V/630/0 Adjustable Swirl Diffuser top inlet 630diaI$1,259.27
    TxVDW308 RAL9010VDW-Q-Z/300x8/Q21/0 Swirl Diffuser 300mmx8blades (295sqS$72.30
    TxVDW416VDW-Q-Z/400x16/Q21/0 Swirl Diffuser 400mm x 16 bladesS$86.20
    TxVDW524VDW-Q-Z/500x24/Q21/0 Swirl Diffuser 500mm x 24 bladesS$100.07
    TxVDW624 RAL9010VDW-Q-Z-600x24/Q21/0 SwirlDiffuser 600mmx24blades (595sqS$201.38
    TxVDW648VDW-Q-Z/600x48/Q21/0 Swirl Diffuser 600mm x 48 bladesS$241.66

    Limited Stock

  • Nailor Air Distribution Equipment imported to order
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    NSgrilleGrilles - Agency Non StandardIPOA

    Please contact us for more information.