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Plastic Adaptors & Accessories
  • Plastic Adaptors & Accessories
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    (GST incl.)
    CPLAD55/55Plastic Adaptor 550/550SPOA
    PLAD15/12Plastic Adaptor neck 150sq / spigot 125diaS$31.31
    PLAD15/15Plastic Adaptor neck 150sq / spigot 150diaS$31.31
    PLAD20/15Plastic Adaptor neck 200sq / spigot 150diaS$31.31
    PLAD20/20Plastic Adaptor neck 200sq / spigot 200diaS$31.31
    PLAD22/20Plastic Adaptor neck 225sq / spigot 200diaS$31.31
    PLAD25/15Plastic Adaptor neck 250sq / spigot 150diaS$31.31
    PLAD25/20Plastic Adaptor neck 250sq / spigot 200diaS$31.31
    PLAD25/25Plastic Adaptor neck 250sq / spigot 250diaS$31.31
    PLAD30/15Plastic Adaptor neck 300sq / spigot 150diaS$31.31
    PLAD30/20Plastic Adaptor neck 300sq / spigot 200diaS$31.31
    PLAD30/25Plastic Adaptor neck 300sq / spigot 250diaS$31.31
    PLAD30/30Plastic Adaptor neck 300sq / spigot 300diaS$31.31
    PLAD37/25Plastic Adaptor neck 375sq / spigot 250diaS$38.61
    PLAD37/30Plastic Adaptor neck 375sq / spigot 300diaS$38.61
    PLAD40/20Plastic Adaptor neck 400sq / spigot 200diaS$38.61
    PLAD40/25Plastic Adaptor neck 400sq / spigot 250diaS$38.61
    PLAD40/30Plastic Adaptor neck 400sq / spigot 300diaS$38.61
    PLAD40/35Plastic Adaptor neck 400sq / spigot 350diaS$38.61
    PLAD40/40Plastic Adaptor neck 400sq / spigot 400diaS$38.61
    PLAD45/30Plastic Adaptor neck 450sq / spigot 300diaS$46.64
    PLAD45/35Plastic Adaptor neck 450sq / spigot 350diaS$46.64
    PLAD45/40Plastic Adaptor neck 450sq / spigot 400diaS$46.64
    PLAD55/25Plastic Adaptor neck 550sq / spigot 250diaS$52.99
    PLAD55/30Plastic Adaptor neck 550sq / spigot 300diaS$52.99
    PLAD55/35Plastic Adaptor neck 550sq / spigot 350diaS$52.99
    PLAD55/40Plastic Adaptor neck 550sq / spigot 400diaS$52.99
    PLAD55/45Plastic Adaptor neck 550sq / spigot 450diaS$52.99
    PLAD55/50Plastic Adaptor neck 550sq / spigot 500diaS$52.99
    PLAD60x30/35Plastic Adaptor neck 600x300 / spigot 350diaL$72.76
    PLAD60x40/40Plastic Adaptor neck 600x400 / spigot 400diaL$72.76
    PLAD70x40/40Plastic Adaptor neck 700x400 / spigot 400diaS$72.76
    PLAD75x40/40Plastic Adaptor neck 750x400 / spigot 400diaS$76.41
    PLADoval300Oval Plastic Adaptor: Plate500x230/Oval380x195/300diaS$47.74

    Height of PLAD series adaptors - 110-120mm.
    Other sizes available on request.

  • 25x25 G/S Angle
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    (GST incl.)
    25X25ANGL600Angle 25x25 580long 22gaugeS$3.63
    25X25ANGLE1200Angle 25x25 1200long 22gaugeS$4.88
  • Back Draft Damper
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    VEKO125Plastic BackDraft Damper 125diaS$14.65
    VEKO150Plastic BackDraft Damper 150diaS$18.30
  • Back Valve

     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    VEKOM150uKOMu150 Metal Backdraft damper/Shutter 150S$30.72
    VEKOM200uKOMu200 Metal Backdraft damper/Shutter 200S$40.60
    VEKOM250uKOMu250 Metal Backdraft damper/Shutter 250S$50.81
    VEKOM315uKOMu315 Metal Backdraft damper/Shutter 315S$61.78
  • Flange

    (GST incl.)
    VEF150Flange Plastic 150mm with retaining RingS$10.12
    VEFM150ZnFlange metal 150mmS$14.77
  • Connector with Back Valve
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    (GST incl.)
    VE1111pPVC duct round connector 100dia backdraft valve SE/SES$10.27
    VE2121pPVC duct round connector backdraft valve 125dia SE/SES$11.63
    VE3131pPVC duct round connector 150dia backdraft valve SE/SES$11.97