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Madonna Cowl
  • Integral Cowl & Tube
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MAD103TMadonna Cowl 100dia c/w 300mm galv TubeS$71.76
    MAD123TMadonna Cowl 125dia c/w 300mm galv TubeS$71.76
    MAD154TMadonna Cowl 150dia c/w 400mm galv TubeS$79.41
    MAD204TMadonna Cowl 200dia c/w 400mm galv TubeS$102.02
    MAD256TMadonna Cowl 250dia c/w 600mm galv TubeS$140.76
    MAD306TMadonna Cowl 300dia c/w 600mm galv TubeS$156.88
    MAD359TMadonna Cowl 350dia c/w 900mm galv TubeL$230.81

    See also Madonna with FESIT (filter extended surface in tube).
    Products can be powder coated. POA.
    MAD..T are stocked in Chch & Auck

  • Easyfit Collar type
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MAD100Madonna Cowl 100dia Easyfit CollarS$53.77
    MAD110Madonna Cowl 110dia Easyfit CollarS$53.77
    MAD125Madonna Cowl 125dia Easyfit CollarS$53.77
    MAD150Madonna Cowl 150dia Easyfit CollarS$53.77
    MAD200Madonna Cowl 200dia Easyfit CollarS$71.76
    MAD250Madonna Cowl 250dia Easyfit CollarS$116.45
    MAD300Madonna Cowl 300dia Easyfit CollarS$116.45
    MAD350Madonna Cowl 350dia Easyfit CollarS$193.22

    Products can be powder coated. POA.
    MAD easyfit are stocked in Chch & Auck.

  • Curb type
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MAD150CMadonna Cowl 150dia c/w Curb BaseL$107.81
    MAD200CMadonna Cowl 200dia c/w Curb BaseL$127.94
    MAD250CMadonna Cowl 250dia c/w Curb BaseL$185.42
    MAD300CMadonna Cowl 300dia c/w Curb BaseL$267.89
    MAD350CMadonna Cowl 350dia c/w Curb BaseL$302.60

    Products can be powder coated. POA.
    MAD..C are manufactured to order.

  • Roof flashing
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MFS01Roof Flashing 6-70dia square No 1S$16.65
    MFS02Roof Flashing 22-102dia square No 2S$21.20
    MFS03Roof Flashing 6-146dia square No 3S$26.55
    MFS04Roof Flashing 70-178dia square No 4S$34.67
    MFS05Roof Flashing 102-210dia square No 5S$43.78
    MFS06Roof Flashing 121-254dia square No 6S$47.74
    MFS07Roof Flashing 140-292dia square No 7S$67.55
    MFS08Roof Flashing 171-343dia square No 8S$87.56
    MFS09Roof Flashing 241-520dia square No 9S$157.29

    Selection of Roof Flashings based on a 20 degree slope and shallow roof profile. Please enquire for other applications.
    MFS are stocked in Chch & Auck.

  • Roof flashing for tiled roof
    Home | Catalogue | Cowls & Flashings | Madonna Cowl | Roof flashing for tiled roof

     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MFSR01Roof Flashing for tiles Res. 76-203dia No 1S$56.46
    MFSR02Roof Flashing for tiles Res. 203-280dia No 2S$87.97
    MFSR03Roof Flashing for tiles Res. 280-457dia No 3L$163.45

    MFSR are NZ supply.

  • Tube Galvanised
    Home | Catalogue | Cowls & Flashings | Madonna Cowl | Tube Galvanised

    (GST incl.)
    TG1006Galvanised Tube 100dia 600mmL BE/SES$20.49
    TG1009Galvanised Tube 100dia 900mmL BE/SEL$30.94
    TG1012Spiro Galvanised Tube 100dia 1200mmL BE/SES$30.51
    TG1206Galvanised Tube 125dia 600mmL BE/SES$23.69
    TG1209Galvanised Tube 125dia 900mmL BE/SES$33.79
    TG1212Spiro Galvanised Tube 125dia 1200mmL BE/SES$30.51
    TG1506Galvanised Tube 150dia 600mmL BE/SES$23.51
    TG1509Galvanised Tube 150dia 900mmL BE/SES$30.76
    TG1512Spiro Galvanised Tube 150dia 1200mmL BE/SES$30.51
    TG2006Galvanised Tube 200dia 600mmL BE/SES$27.14
    TG2012Spiro Galvanised Tube 200dia 1200mmL BE/SES$39.15
    TG2506Galvanised Tube 250dia 600mmL BE/SES$26.75
    TG2512Spiro Galvanised Tube 250dia 1200mmL BE/SES$45.49
    TG3006Galvanised Tube 300dia 600mmL BE/SES$33.14
    TG3012Spiro Galvanised Tube 300dia 1200mmL BE/SES$49.74
    TG3509Galvanised Tube 350dia 900mmL BE/SES$60.38
    TG3512Spiro Galvanised Tube 350dia 1200mmL BE/SEL$58.37
    TG4012Spiro Galvanised Tube 400dia 1200mmL BE/SEL$64.89
    TG4512Spiro Galvanised Tube 450dia 1200mmL BE/SEL$78.76
    TG5012Galvanised Tube 500dia 1200mmL BE/SEL$98.96