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Flashings - Roof & Wall
  • Roof Flashing

     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MFSRoof Flashing 3-19dia square MiniS$13.87
    MFS01Roof Flashing 6-70dia square No 1S$16.65
    MFS02Roof Flashing 22-102dia square No 2S$21.20
    MFS03Roof Flashing 6-146dia square No 3S$26.55
    MFS04Roof Flashing 70-178dia square No 4S$34.67
    MFS05Roof Flashing 102-210dia square No 5S$43.78
    MFS06Roof Flashing 121-254dia square No 6S$47.74
    MFS07Roof Flashing 140-292dia square No 7S$67.55
    MFS08Roof Flashing 171-343dia square No 8S$87.56
    MFS09Roof Flashing 241-520dia square No 9S$157.29

    Selection of Roof Flashings based on a 20 degree slope and shallow roof profile. Please enquire for other applications.

  • For tiled roof

     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MFSR01Roof Flashing for tiles Res. 76-203dia No 1S$56.46
    MFSR02Roof Flashing for tiles Res. 203-280dia No 2S$87.97
    MFSR03Roof Flashing for tiles Res. 280-457dia No 3L$163.45
  • Secondary Flashing
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    pc006-12postpatchx0513635 Kaflex Postpatch 6-12mm Adhesive 140sq 5 packS$80.42
    pc006-12x0513628 Kaflex 6-12mm Adhesive 145sq 5 packS$67.92
    pc006-12x3013629 Kaflex 6-12mm Adhesive 145sq 30 packS$346.41
    pc015-30x0513605 Roflex 15-30mm Adhesive 145sq 5 packS$78.49
    pc015-30x3013606 Roflex 15-30mm Adhesive 145sq 30 packS$388.65
    pc030-50x0216704 Roflex 30-50mm Adhesive 140sq 2 packS$45.28
    pc030-50x2016695 Roflex 30-50mm Adhesive 140sq 20 packS$326.97
    pc050-90x0213608 Roflex 50-90mm Adhesive 140sq 2 packS$45.28
    pc050-90x2013609 Roflex 50-90mm Adhesive 140sq 20 packS$326.97
    pc100-120x0213610 Roflex 100-120mm c/w adhesive 200sq 2 packS$52.83
    pc100-120x2013613 Roflex 100-120mm 200sq 20pack needs pcExtora60 TapeS$383.57
    pc120-170x0213614 Roflex 120-170mm c/w adhesive 250sq 2 packS$71.70
    pc120-170x2013612 Roflex 120-170mm 250sq 20pack needs pcExtora60 TapeS$517.91
    pc170-200x0213615 Roflex 170-200mm c/w adhesive 300sq 2 packS$86.80
    pc170-200x2013616 Roflex 170-200mm 30sq 20pack needs pcExtora60 TapeS$630.32
    pc220-270x0213617 Roflex 220-270mm c/w adhesive 400sq 2 packS$128.67
    pc270-320x0213618 Roflex 270-320mm c/w adhesive 500sq 2 packS$159.85
    pcExtora6013206 Extora 30m Weathertight tape 60mm wideS$97.36
    pcExtora60x2013486 Extora 30m Weathertight tape 600mm wide 20 PackS$1,765.97
    Tseal015-022Trade-Seal 15-22mm Adhesive Collar Size 150x150mmS$16.80
    Tseal025-032Trade-Seal 25-32 mm Adhesive Collar Size 150x150mmS$19.21
    Tseal050-070Trade-Seal 50-70mm Adhesive Collar Size 230x230mmS$38.41
    Tseal075-090Trade-Seal 75-90mm Adhesive Collar Size 230x230mmS$40.81
    Tseal100-110Trade-Seal 100-110mm Adhesive Collar Size 320x320mmS$49.22
    Tseal150-165Trade-Seal 150-165mm Adhesive Collar Size 350x350mmS$78.03

    Trade-Seals should be considered a secondary flashing system and can be exposed to UV for up to 90 days.