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  • Custom Duct Heaters
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    NSEDHElectric Duct Heater - Manufactured Non Standard 2020LPOA

    Electric Duct Heaters can be made to any size or specification: round, square or rectangular;
    350W to over 90kW.
    Typical applications include tempering fresh air supply and combining with air handlers to heat/reheat specific zones. Units can be supplied as:
    * BT: Bare terminal - elements and safeties are wired to bare terminals in terminal box.
    * PW: Pre Wired - Units supplied complete with staging contacts and isolators
    * PW1P: Pre Wired with 1pole Thermostat
    * PW3P: Pre Wired with 3pole Thermostat

  • Duct Heaters - Round
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    EDH1507BTDuct Heater 150dia 0.75kw (Bare Terminal)L$834.76
    EDH1507PWDuct Heater 150dia 0.75kw (Prewired)L$929.49
    EDH1515BTDuct Heater 150dia 1.5kw (Bare Terminal)L$834.76
    EDH1515PWDuct Heater 150dia 1.5kw (Prewired)L$1,104.43
    EDH1530BTDuct Heater 150dia 3.0kw (Bare Terminal)L$834.76
    EDH1530PWDuct Heater 150dia 3.0kW (Prewired)L$1,125.07
    EDH2007PWDuct Heater 200dia 0.75kW (Prewired)L$903.67
    EDH2015BTDuct Heater 200dia 1.5kw (Bare Terminal)L$834.76
    EDH2015PWDuct Heater 200dia 1.5kw (Prewired)L$1,083.78
    EDH2030BTDuct Heater 200dia 3.0kw (Bare Terminal)L$834.76
    EDH2030PWDuct Heater 200dia 3.0kw (Prewired)S$1,083.78
    EDH2045BTDuct Heater 200dia 4.5kW (Bare Terminal)L$1,096.96
    EDH2045PWDuct Heater 200dia 4.5kW (Prewired)L$1,526.19
    EDH2515BTDuct Heater 250dia 1.5kw (Bare Terminal)L$943.22
    EDH2515PWDuct Heater 250dia 1.5kw (Prewired)L$1,192.50
    EDH2530BTDuct Heater 250dia 3.0kW (Bare Terminal)L$943.22
    EDH2530PWDuct Heater 250dia 3.0kW (Prewired)S$1,192.50
    EDH2545BTDuct Heater 250dia 4.5kw (Bare Terminal)L$1,096.96
    EDH2545PWDuct Heater 250dia 4.5kw (Prewired)L$1,526.19
    EDH2560BTDuct Heater 250dia 6.0kw (Bare terminal)L$1,149.98
    EDH2560PWDuct Heater 250dia 6.0kw (Prewired)L$1,555.51
    EDH3030BTDuct Heater 300dia 3.0kw (Bare Terminal)L$1,139.54
    EDH3030PWDuct Heater 300dia 3.0kw (Prewired)L$1,457.49
    EDH3045BTDuct Heater 300dia 4.5kw (Bare Terminal)L$1,319.64
    EDH3045PWDuct Heater 300dia 4.5kw (Prewired)S$1,817.79
    EDH3060BTDuct Heater 300dia 6.0kw (Bare Terminal)L$1,319.64
    EDH3060PWDuct Heater 300dia 6.0kw (Prewired)L$1,846.88
    NSEDHElectric Duct Heater - Manufactured Non Standard 2020LPOA

    **Click second image to view Heater Calculations
    * BT: Heater fitted with elements and safety switches wired out to terminals (but no contactors, control wiring or isolator).
    * PW: Heater as above plus contactors and internal wiring to isolator.
    * PW1P: Pre Wired with 1pole Thermostat
    * PW3P: Pre Wired with 3pole Thermostat
    Electric Duct Heaters can be made to any size or specification: round, square or rectangular; 350W to over 90kW.

  • Duct Heater - Round with Thermostat
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    (GST incl.)
    EDH1507PW1PDuct Heater 150dia 0.75kW (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatL$1,159.75
    EDH1515PW1PDuct Heater 150dia 1.5kw (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatL$1,220.93
    EDH1530PW1PDuct Heater 150dia 3.0kW (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatL$1,220.93
    EDH1530PW3PDuct Heater 150dia 3.0kW (Prewired) c/w 3PoleTstatL$1,305.70
    EDH2007PW1PDuct Heater 200dia 0.75kW (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatL$1,040.81
    EDH2015PW1PDuct Heater 200dia 1.5kw (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatS$1,220.93
    EDH2030PW1PDuct Heater 200dia 3.0kw (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatS$1,220.93
    EDH2030PW3PDuct Heater 200dia 3.0kw (Prewired) c/w 3PoleTstatL$1,305.70
    EDH2045PW1PDuct Heater 200dia 4.5kW (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatL$1,663.36
    EDH2045PW3PDuct Heater 200dia 4.5kw (Prewired) c/w 3PoleTstatL$1,748.12
    EDH2515PW1PDuct Heater 250dia 1.5kw (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatS$1,329.68
    EDH2530PW1PDuct Heater 250dia 3.0kw (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatS$1,329.68
    EDH2530PW3PDuct Heater 250dia 3.0kw (Prewired) c/w 3PoleTstatL$1,414.44
    EDH2545PW1PDuct Heater 250dia 4.5kw (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatL$1,663.36
    EDH2545PW3PDuct Heater 250dia 4.5kw (Prewired) c/w 3PoleTstatL$1,748.12
    EDH2560PW1PDuct Heater 250dia 6.0kw (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatL$1,692.66
    EDH2560PW3PDuct Heater 250dia 6.0kw (Prewired) c/w 3PoleTstatS$1,777.44
    EDH3030PW1PDuct Heater 300dia 3.0kw (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatL$1,594.66
    EDH3030PW3PDuct Heater 300dia 3.0kw (Prewired) c/w 3PoleTstatL$1,679.43
    EDH3045PW1PDuct Heater 300dia 4.5kw (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatL$1,954.91
    EDH3045PW3PDuct Heater 300dia 4.5kw (Prewired) c/w 3PoleTstatL$2,039.70
    EDH3060PW1PDuct Heater 300dia 6.0kw (Prewired) c/w 1PoleTstatL$1,984.00
    EDH3060PW3PDuct Heater 300dia 6.0kw (Prewired) c/w 3PoleTstatS$2,068.79