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Ducted System Components - Return
  • Return Air Grilles

    (GST incl.)
    F300Panel Filter 285sq (EU2) with 10mm hole - to suit PYHF300S$59.10
    F400Panel Filter 383sq (EU2) - to suit PYHF400S$59.10
    F595Panel Filter 538sq max (EU2) - to suit PYHF595S$67.16
    NSechidna19Echidna (Cushion Head) - Manufactured Non-StandardLPOA
    PYHF1195/595247208 Hinged Filter Grille 1195x595 face (nom 1150x550neck)S$324.12
    PYHF150Hinged Filter Grille 150sqI$206.15
    PYHF200Hinged Filter Grille 200sqI$206.15
    PYHF250Hinged Filter Grille 250sqI$222.01
    PYHF300245225 Hinged Filter Grille 300sqS$127.19
    PYHF400244132 Hinged Filter Grille 400sqS$144.72
    PYHF595247207 Hinged Filter Grille 595sq face (548sq neck)S$174.47
    PYHF600/300244040 Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 300sqS$215.29
    PYHF600/400Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 400sqS$224.94
    PYHF600/450244042 Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 450sqS$236.89
    PYHF700/400245378 Hinged Filter Grille 700 x 400S$239.60
    PYHF750/400247201 Hinged Filter Grille 750 x 400S$231.29
    PYHF750/550247203 Hinged Filter Grille 750 x 550S$256.94
    PYHF900/400HE9040 Hinged Filter Grille 900 x 400S$269.34

    Return Air Grille with Hinged Filter Type PYHF white only. POA for special colours.
    Other sizes may be available, please enquire.

    See also Plastic Return Air Grilles

  • Return Air Grille Boots
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    CPLAD55/55Plastic Adaptor 550/550SPOA
    ECH55x55/35ECH to fit PYHF595 grille with 350dia spigotS$292.69
    ECH55x55/40ECH to fit PYHF595 grille with 400dia spigotS$292.69
    ECH75x40/40ECH to fit PYHF750/400 return grille with 400dia spigotS$325.91
    PLAD30/30Plastic Adaptor neck 300sq / spigot 300diaS$31.31
    PLAD40/30Plastic Adaptor neck 400sq / spigot 300diaS$38.61
    PLAD40/40Plastic Adaptor neck 400sq / spigot 400diaS$38.61
    PLAD55/30Plastic Adaptor neck 550sq / spigot 300diaS$52.99
    PLAD55/40Plastic Adaptor neck 550sq / spigot 400diaS$52.99
    PLAD55/50Plastic Adaptor neck 550sq / spigot 500diaS$52.99
    PLAD75x40/40Plastic Adaptor neck 750x400 / spigot 400diaS$76.41
  • Return Air Duct

    (GST incl.)
    PY300110007 Insulated Flex 300 x 3m R0.6S$74.88
    PY350110009 Insulated Flex 350 x 3m R0.6S$89.85
    PY400110011 Insulated Flex 400 x 3m R0.6S$102.68
    PY450110013 Insulated Flex 450 x 3m R0.6S$128.33
    PY500110014 Insulated Flex 500 x 3m R0.6S$187.16
    PY550110015 Insulated Flex 550 x 3m R0.6S$213.90
    PY6300110008 Insulated Flex 300 x 6m R0.6S$149.73
    PY6350110010 Insulated Flex 350 x 6m R0.6S$179.66
    PY6400110012 Insulated Flex 400 x 6m R0.6S$205.34
    PY6450110126 Insulated Flex 450 x 6m R0.6S$256.69
    PY6500110123 Insulated Flex 500 x 6m R0.6S$374.33
    PY6550Insulated Flex 550 x 6m R0.6S$427.78
  • Air Handler Plenums

    (GST incl.)
    NSplen19TDTD Plenum - Manufactured Non-Standard 2019LPOA