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Ducted System Components - Supply
  • Air Handler Plenums - Supply
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    (GST incl.)
    NSplen19TDTD Plenum - Manufactured Non-Standard 2019LPOA
    PlenAdaptorPlenum Adaptor required for every PlenS & PlenRL$67.92
    PlenS0500Plenum Supply 500L/s 2spigot-250dia TDpanelL$203.77
    PlenS0700Plenum Supply 700L/s 3spigot-250dia TDpanelL$232.44
    PlenS1000Plenum Supply 1000L/s 3spigot-300dia TDpanelL$268.67
  • Motorised Inline dampers
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    (GST incl.)
    adMDE15240150mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240vS$205.46
    adMDE20240200mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240vS$213.35
    adMDE25240250mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240vS$228.80
    adMDE30240300mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240vS$244.28
    adMDE35240350mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240vS$259.82
    adMDE40240400mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240vS$283.11
    adMDP15E150mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with leadS$215.73
    adMDP20E200mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with leadS$224.02
    adMDP25E250mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with leadS$240.24
    adMDP30E300mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with leadS$256.50
    adMDP35E350mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with leadS$272.81
    adMDP40E400mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with leadS$297.26
    MILD200Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 200diaS$273.84
    MILD250Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 250diaS$284.95
    MILD300Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 300diaL$306.75
    MILD350Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 350diaL$328.77
  • Supply Air Ducting

    (GST incl.)
    PY150110001 Insulated Flex 150 x 3m R0.6S$43.58
    PY200110003 Insulated Flex 200 x 3m R0.6S$51.92
    PY250110005 Insulated Flex 250 x 3m R0.6S$62.31
    PY300110007 Insulated Flex 300 x 3m R0.6S$72.69
    PY350110009 Insulated Flex 350 x 3m R0.6S$87.23
    PY400110011 Insulated Flex 400 x 3m R0.6S$99.69
    PY6150110002 Insulated Flex 150 x 6m R0.6S$87.23
    PY6200110004 Insulated Flex 200 x 6m R0.6S$103.85
    PY6250110006 Insulated Flex 250 x 6m R0.6S$126.41
    PY6300110008 Insulated Flex 300 x 6m R0.6S$145.37
    PY6350110010 Insulated Flex 350 x 6m R0.6S$174.44
    PY6400110012 Insulated Flex 400 x 6m R0.6S$199.36
  • Supply Air Y Branches - Plastic
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    (GST incl.)
    adERi2015EZY Reducer insul. 200/150 diaS$9.27
    adERi2520EZY Reducer insul. 250/200 diaS$11.05
    adERi3025EZY Reducer insul. 300/250 diaS$12.56
    adERi3525EZY Reducer insul. 350/250 diaS$17.61
    adERi3530EZY Reducer insul. 350/300 diaS$14.15
    adEZC150EZY Collar 150 dia plasticS$3.55
    adEZC200EZY Collar 200 dia plasticS$4.46
    adEZC250EZY Collar 250 dia plasticS$5.37
    adEZC300EZY Collar 300 dia plasticS$6.53
    adEZYi20Y Branch 200/150/150 insul. plastic (Base only)S$20.77
    adEZYi25Y Branch 250/200/200 insul. plastic (Base only)S$29.97
    adEZYi30Y Branch 300/250/250 insul. plastic (Base only)S$43.17
    adEZYi35Y Branch 350/300/300 insul. plastic (Base only)S$52.04
    adEZYi40Y Branch 400/350/350 insul. plastic (Base only)S$77.91

    For a complete list of plastic branches see: Plastic Ybranches

  • Metal Insulated Branches
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    BRi151010Y Branch Insul 150/100/100S$68.04
    BRi151212Y Branch Insul 150/125/125S$68.04
    BRi151515154way Branch Insul 150/150/150/150S$115.00
    BRi15151515155way Branch Insul 150/150/150/150/150S$141.81
    BRi201515Y Branch Insul 200/150/150S$83.48
    BRi201515154way Branch insul 200/150/150/150S$115.00
    BRi202015Y Branch insul 200/200/150S$96.41
    BRi202020204way Branch insul 200/200/200/200S$136.07
    BRi252020Y Branch insul 250/200/200S$101.83
    BRi302020Y Branch insul 300/200/200S$109.57
    BRi302020204way Branch insul 300/200/200/200S$140.84
    BRi302525Y Branch Insul 300/250/250S$125.41
    NSbranchBranch Galv/Thermo - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA

    Use DC Dampers to add a damper to any branch - standard or non-standard.

  • Supply Air Fittings

    (GST incl.)
    J150Joiner 150dia SE/SES$9.93
    J200Joiner 200dia SE/SES$12.40
    J250Joiner 250dia SE/SES$15.09
    J300Joiner 300dia SE/SES$17.59
    J350Joiner 350dia SE/SES$17.59
    J400Joiner 400dia SE/SES$20.06
  • Supply Air Diffusers

    (GST incl.)
    FRbr412Floor Register - Brown Metal Louvered 100x300mmS$41.40
    GWDD3010DD3010 300x100mm Wall Grille Removable CoreS$70.55
    GWDD3015DD3015 300x150mm Wall Grille Removable CoreS$78.96
    GWDD3020DD3020 300x200mm Wall Grille Removable CoreS$83.99
    GWDD3030DD3030 300x300mm Wall Grille Removable CoreS$87.36
    GWDD3515DD3515 350x150mm Wall Grille Removable CoreS$75.60
    GWDD4010DD4010 400x100mm Wall Grille Removable CoreS$75.60
    GWDD4020DD4020 400x200mm Wall Grille Removable CoreS$85.68
    GWDD4040DD4040 400x400mm Wall Grille Removable CoreS$131.04
    GWDD6015DD6015 600x150mm Wall Grille Removable CoreS$127.68
    PYCD150PYCD150 Round Ceiling Diffuser 150diaS$70.45
    PYCD200237100 Round Ceiling Diffuser 200diaS$77.05
    PYCD250237101 Round Ceiling Diffuser 250diaS$81.45
    PYCD300237102 Round Ceiling Diffuser 300diaS$92.46
    SD200Swirl Diffusers 200mm - White PlasticS$14.97
    SD250Swirl Diffusers 250mm - White PlasticS$16.49
    SD300Swirl Diffusers 300mm - White PlasticS$28.07
    SDA200d1332 SwirlDiffuser Adaptor 200mm BlackPlastic- w/damper setS$21.28
    SDA250Swirl Diffuser Adaptor 250mm - Black PlasticS$24.55
    SDA300Swirl Diffuser Adaptor 300mm - Black PlasticS$32.08

    For a full list of Floor grilles, see Floor Grilles