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Zone Controls
  • AirTouch3 Zone Control System
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    (GST incl.)
    AT3baseKitAirTouch3 Base Control Kit standard for 1xHP up to 8 zonesS$1,006.09
    AT3expansionKitAirTouch3 Expansion Kit (for extra HP) +8extra zonesS$426.54
    AT3ts-657228AirTouch3 individual Wireless Temperature SensorS$140.93

    * Use AT3basekit for 1 Heatpump & up to 8 zones.
    * Add AT3expansionkit for second Heatpump and/or up to 16 zones.
    * Put AT3ts wireless temperature sensor into each room where you want to regulate the temperature. (The AT3basekit's Touchpad contains a temp sensor).
    * Then add a Gateway (or 2) & motorised dampers from the table below.
    * you'll also need insulated ducting from our range of Insulated Flex.
    See http://www.airtouch.net.au/ for full details.

  • AirTouch3 Gateways & Motorised Dampers
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    (GST incl.)
    AT3g-657212AirTouch Gateway DaikinI$267.77
    AT3g-657213AirTouch Gateway PanasonicI$267.77
    AT3g-657214AirTouch Gateway FujitsuI$267.77
    AT3g-657215AirTouch Gateway Mitsu Elect (c/w657221cable)I$267.77
    AT3g-657216AirTouch Gateway Mitsu HeavyI$267.77
    AT3g-657217AirTouch Gateway Samsung 14kW or lessI$267.77
    AT3g-657218AirTouch Gateway ToshibaI$267.77
    AT3g-657219AirTouch Gateway LGI$267.77
    AT3g-657220AirTouch Gateway HitachiI$267.77
    AT3g-657222AirTouch Gateway Midea/Carrier/Rinnai/HaierI$267.77
    AT3g-657229AirTouch Gateway Samsung 16kW or moreI$267.77
    AT3md24v150Motorised Damper (plastic) 24v 150dia c/w 12m lead (kit)S$215.73
    AT3md24v200Motorised Damper (plastic) 24v 200dia c/w 12m lead (kit)S$224.02
    AT3md24v250Motorised Damper (plastic) 24v 250dia c/w 12m lead (kit)S$240.24
    AT3md24v300Motorised Damper (plastic) 24v 300dia c/w 12m lead (kit)S$256.51
    AT3md24v400Motorised Damper (plastic) 24v 400dia c/w 12m lead (kit)S$297.26

    Choose 1 or 2 Gateways to match your Heatpump(s).
    Choose number and size of Motorised Dampers to match the ducted system.
    Note: AT3md pricing only valid with an AirTouch3 system.

  • EZYZONE Control System
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    adEWZCS6Energy Wise "Gold" 6 Zone Control KitI$332.18
    adZCp2'Platinum 2' 8 Zone Control KitI$770.71
    adZCp2ts'Platinum 2' 8 Zone Touch Pad & 30m CableI$506.47

    Call Smooth-Air 0800SMOOTH for assistance in designing your multi-zone control system.

  • MILDT zone controls
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MILDT150Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 150diaL$459.07
    MILDT200Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 200diaL$480.03
    MILDT250Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 250diaL$511.18
    MILDT300Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 300diaL$563.49

    A cost effective, simple Zone Control System is possible using the MILDT sets (which comprise of an extended motorised damper complete with duct thermostat and wall thermostat).
    The duct thermostat signals whether the central plant is in heat or cool mode, the room thermostat will automatically operate the damper to heat the zone when the plant is in heat mode, or cool the zone when in cool mode.