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Zone Controls
  • EZYZONE Control System
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    adEWZCS6Energy Wise "Gold" 6 Zone Control KitI$332.18
    adZCp2'Platinum 2' 8 Zone Control KitI$770.71
    adZCp2ts'Platinum 2' 8 Zone Touch Pad & 30m CableI$506.47

    Call Smooth-Air 0800SMOOTH for assistance in designing your multi-zone control system.

  • MILDT zone controls
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MILDT150Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 150diaL$459.07
    MILDT200Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 200diaL$480.03
    MILDT250Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 250diaL$511.18
    MILDT300Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 300diaL$563.49

    A cost effective, simple Zone Control System is possible using the MILDT sets (which comprise of an extended motorised damper complete with duct thermostat and wall thermostat).
    The duct thermostat signals whether the central plant is in heat or cool mode, the room thermostat will automatically operate the damper to heat the zone when the plant is in heat mode, or cool the zone when in cool mode.