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Heat Exchange Domestic
  • HEX390 Unit with Duct Kit
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    (GST incl.)
    HEX390d3rkHeat Exchanger digital +3roomkit (lounge+2bed)S$4,065.43
    HEX390d4rkHeat Exchanger digital +4roomkit (lounge+3bed)S$4,146.27
    HEX390h3rkHeat Exchanger manual digiDisplay +3roomkit (lounge+2bed)S$3,443.57
    HEX390h4rkHeat Exchanger manual digiDisplay +4roomkit (lounge+3bed)S$3,524.41
    HEX390m3rkHeat Exchanger manual +3roomkit (lounge+2bed)S$3,443.57
    HEX390m4rkHeat Exchanger manual +4roomkit (lounge+3bed)S$3,524.41

    These kits have been designed to optimise the HEX390 benefits. They include the HEX390 units, upgraded diffusers, silentflex duct and tape. Use HEXext extension kits below to extend for larger houses. Prices do not include installation.

  • HEX390 Units
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    (GST incl.)
    HEX390digiHeat Exchanger with automatic digital controllerS$3,721.85
    HEX390hybridHeat Exchanger with manual 3spd digital display controllerS$2,891.66
    HEX390manHeat Exchanger with manual 3 speed controllerS$2,891.66

    Manufactured by Smooth-Air for New Zealand conditions. Prices do not include installation or ducting. Unit is 400x400x850mm.
    Click www.ventsys.co.nz or www.home-ventilation.co.nz for more information on the HEX390
    Click www.home-ventilation.co.nz/findaninstaller for installers.
    Click www.home-ventilation.co.nz/manuals/ for user manuals

  • HEX390 Accessories
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    (GST incl.)
    HEX3roomDuctKitHex 3 room duct kit (1lounge+2bed)(duct diffusers etc)S$551.91
    HEX4roomDuctKitHex 4 room duct kit (1lounge+3bed)(duct, diffusers etc)S$632.75
    HEXext150supplyHEX one room extension kit, 150mm supplyS$102.61
    HEXext200extractHEX additional extract kit, 200mm extractS$124.37
    HEXext200supplyHEX lounge extension kit, 200mm supplyS$125.93
    HexFilterHex Filter 234x380mmS$76.79
    HexFilter 222Hex Filter 222x380mm (to fit older HEX units)S$76.79

    HEX4roomkit and HEX3roomkit use silentflex ducting and upgraded diffusers to optimise the HEX390 benefits