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Tapes, Sealants & Screws
  • Tapes & Sealants

     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    METALSEALDuct Sealer Metalseal 375ml greyS$17.27
    MS-adhesiveMS Safe Fix Adhesive 430gS$31.37
    MS-blackMS Safe Seal Black Sealant 430gS$31.37
    MS-greyMS Safe Seal Grey Sealant 430gS$30.77
    MS-whiteMS Safe Seal White Sealant 430gS$30.77
    MS35GCQuilosa MS35 Grey 300ml cartridge (Auck only)S$35.22
    MS35GSQuilosa MS35 Grey 600ml sausage (Auck only)S$50.47
    SILAFLEXNRoof & Gutter Neutral-cure Silicon Clear 300gS$16.66
    TAPEBnittoTape Nitto Black 48mmx30mS$9.73
    TAPESnittoTape Nitto Silver 48mmx30mS$9.73
    TAPEWnittoTape Nitto White 48mmx30mS$9.73
    TPBTape Plastic Duct 48mmx30m BlackS$13.47
    TPWTape Plastic Duct 48mmx30m WhiteS$13.47
    TRTape Reinforced Alu Foil Acrylic Adhesive 48mmx50mS$38.23
    TR-75mmTape Reinforced Alu Foil Acrylic Adhesive 72mmx50mS$66.76
    TSFTape Foam Seal 4.8mmx15mmx15.2mS$37.98

    TR Venture 1529CW is an aluminium foil/expanded polyethylene laminate tape coated with a special cold weather acrylic pressure adhesive that combines superior quick stick at normal temperatures with superior low temperature performance.

  • Insulated Adhesive Tape
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    (GST incl.)
    LVTAW31-9794-013 White Adhesive Insulating Tape 10mS$26.38
  • Plastic Strapping
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    (GST incl.)
    TBstrapHanging Strap PE Blue 25mm x 50mS$9.00
  • Screws & Fasteners
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    (GST incl.)
    60ZIP1244ZIPIT zp steel with screws (50)S$40.15
    DB3.3DEDrill Double Ended Panel 3.3mm each (purchase in 10s)S$4.82
    M10BasePlate62HBB10Z M10 Base Plate ZPS$1.69
    M10Nut4510 M10 Hex nut zincPlated (200/box, sell x0.5 for100]S$25.97
    M10TRod1Threaded Rod Zinc Plated M10 1 Metre lengthS$5.12
    M10TRod2Threaded Rod Zinc Plated M10 2 Metre lengthS$7.14
    M10washer701021 M10 Steel Flat Rnd Washer ZP (pkt of200) M10x21x1.6mmS$9.02
    SD10-16x1634W101616YC wafer Self-Drillers Class2 10-16x16 100bagS$14.90
    SD12-11x3512g-11x35 Roofix HWF Woodscrew T17 Class4 Jar50S$15.62
    SD12-14x20n12g-14x20 HWF metal self driller +Neo Class4 Bag of 50S$19.85
    SD12-14x25n12g-14x25 HWF metal self driller +Neo Class4 Bag of 50S$21.21
    SD12-14x35n12g-14x35 HWF metal self driller +Neo Class4 Jar of 50S$22.17
    SD14-10x7514g-10x75 Roofix HWF Woodscrew T17 Class4 Jar50S$26.02
    Sfix8x5083Q82C 8x2(8gx50mm) CSK Sq Surefix Screw ZY - Jar 100S$21.98
    SR4-4R73SS404 4-4 Pan Head Steel Rivet (3.2x4.8-6.4) Jar 100S$15.90

    Sfix8x50 is stocked in Auckland only