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Pipeline Conduit Capping
  • Pipeline Conduit Capping
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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    MSC75Mizu Slim Corner SC75S$14.33
    MSC99Mizu Slim Corner SC99S$14.33
    MSCC75Mizu Slim Ceiling Cap SCC75S$7.36
    MSD75Mizu Slim Duct SD75 2mS$30.29
    MSD99Mizu Slim Duct SD99 2mS$52.03
    MSFC75Mizu Slim Flexible Corner SFC75S$15.92
    MSFD75Mizu Slim Flexible Duct SFD75S$25.50
    MSFD99Mizu Slim Flexible Duct SFD99S$27.08
    MSJ75Mizu Slim Joint SJ75S$9.55
    MSJ99Mizu Slim Joint SJ99S$11.16
    MSK75Mizu Slim Elbow SK75S$14.33
    MSK99Mizu Slim Elbow SK99S$17.53
    MSRJ99-75Mizu Reducer SD99 to SD75S$9.63
    MSsW75Mizu Slim Wall SSW75 (fixed 1piece)S$14.33
    MST75Mizu Slim T Joint ST75S$17.53
    MST99Mizu Slim T Type Joint ST99S$20.71
    MSW75Mizu Slim Wall SW75 (2 piece w screws)S$14.33
    MSW99Mizu Slim Wall SW99S$14.33
    MSWC75Mizu Slim Wall Cap SWC75S$12.24
    MSWC99Mizu Slim Wall Cap SWC99S$13.48

    MIZU Slimline ducting is extremely popular with installers for its aesthetic appearance and ease of installation. Made from highly durable, weather proof PVC resin this range is durable in all kinds of enviroments and suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -20C to +60C.

  • Frame Fix

     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    PFFPryda Frame Fix (carton of 10)S$233.58

    Plate designed to re-instate the integrity of a penetrated top plate or stud.