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     Technical Details
    (GST incl.)
    APT125Rangehood Adaptor Flat 125dia App WhiteS$76.42
    APT150Rangehood Adaptor Flat 312x187 150dia App WhiteS$76.42
    CP200Ceiling Plate 200diaS$25.00
    NSRHRangehood - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA
    NSRHconversionBasic Rangehood conversion 3speed (excl fan) priced from...L$608.27
    SAPRH/1FFiltered Kitchen Extract Unit SingleL$615.17
    SAPRH/2FFiltered Kitchen Extract Unit Double (EndtoEnd or SidebySideL$849.52
    SAPRH/3FFiltered Kitchen Extract Unit Triple (EndtoEnd or SidebySideL$1,108.14
    TW1209Tube White 125dia 900LS$93.97
    TW1509Tube White 150dia 900LS$104.05
    VE15pPVC duct round wall or ceiling plate to fit 100dia BES$13.42
    VE25pPVC duct round wall or ceiling plate to fit 125dia BES$13.42
    VE35pPVC duct round wall or ceiling plate to fit 150dia BES$14.52

    * Manufactured SAPRH range hoods are made with a standard plenum with a top centred spigot. Plenums can be made to suit installation requirements e.g. a side, back or off-centred spigot.
    * SAPRH are designed to be installed in cabinetry and to fit a range of Smooth Air products like remote fans (optional) for reduced noise.
    * See also Monica range which are suitable as remote fan.
    * Manufactured range hoods are powder coated to any standard powder coating colour.
    * Design Build - Range Hoods can also be made to your specifications. Wide range of possibilities available. Lights can be fitted POA.
    * Existing range hood conversions - We can convert your existing range hood to operate using a remote fan. RHconversion includes removal of existing fan and rewiring for new remote fan, excludes replacement fan. See Monica range.