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    (GST incl.)
    NSbranchBranch Galv/Thermo - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA
    NSbtoBranch Take Off Galv - Manufactured Non Standard BTOLPOA
    NSductGS19Duct Galv - Manufactured Non Standard /eachLPOA
    NSductTDDuct straight TD - Manufactured Non Standard /sqmLPOA
    NSechidna19Echidna (Cushion Head) - Manufactured Non-StandardLPOA
    NSEDHElectric Duct Heater - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA
    NSfansManuFans Manufactured Non-StandardLPOA
    NSFBGFixed Bend g/s Gore Locked - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA
    NSfilterFilter - Non StandardLPOA
    NSgb TDTD Grille box - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA
    NSgbGalvGrilleBoxes Galv - Manufactured Non-StandardLPOA
    NSgrilleManuGrilles AOL, EC etc - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA
    NSman19Manufacture Equipment 2019LPOA
    NSplen19TDTD Plenum - Manufactured Non-Standard 2019LPOA
    NSplenGSGalv Plenums - Manufactured Non-Standard (from 2017)LPOA
    NSRHRangehood - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA
    NSsaddleSaddle - Manufactured Non StandardLPOA
    NSspiroSpiro Ducting Galv Non-Standard (manu or agency) /mLPOA
    NSTfitGalv Transitions & Fittings etc - Manu Non-Standard /eachLPOA
    NSTfitm2Galv Transitions & Fittings etc - Manu Non-Standard /sqmLPOA
    NSTfitTDTD Transitions & Fittings etc - Manu Non-Standard /eachLPOA
    NSTfitTDm2TD Transitions & Fittings etc - Manu Non-Standard /sqmLPOA
    NSUAHUnitary Air Handler - Manufactured Non StandardPOA

    Smooth-Air Product's full workshop can manufacture many items to order. Please contact us for more information.