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New: Online Quoting
As part of our in-house development programme we are happy to announce the ability for you to create quotes with your true pricing on our website. In order to do this you will need to have an account with us, as well as a login. If you would like a login, please email

Phase one - Online Quoting allows you to create your own quotes online with the vast product range we carry across our three sales centres.
You can have several Quotes/Shopping carts open at any one time, they will be shown top left above the Search button. There are several ways to add items to your shopping carts:
1. From the 'Product' pages, simply select a product and click on the shopping cart icon to start creating your quotation. This will bring up a dialogue box asking if you want to create a new quote, or add to an existing open quote, as listed. You can see your shopping carts by clicking on the 'Quick View' magnifying glass icon next to the shopping cart/quote top left of your screen. To finish, go to the customer page, scroll down to the Sale Quotes section. Click the pencil icon next to your quote, press the 'Save & Close' button to email the quote to yourself.
2. Alternatively, directly from your 'Customer' page, click on the green plus '+' icon to open a new quote (or click the pencil icon to edit an existing open quote). Click the 'Add items' button to search for eg 'tube' - this will create a list of every item with the word 'tube' in the code or description. Select the item you want, insert the Qty.
3. Or again from the Customer page, Sale Quotes section, open a new quote using the green plus '+' icon, click the 'Templates' button to get a list of items on past quotes & orders - insert the Qty required.
Saving the Quote
Once you have completed your quote, choose 'Save & Close' and you have the option to print or email the quote. The 'Save & Close' button will remove any items with 0 qty.
Phase two - Online Ordering - coming soon!
In the meantime, to convert your quote to a sales order: At 'Save & Close' you can email the quote to yourself and then forward to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

and a confirmation of order will be sent to you. We will then express ship your order to you.

A growing, NZ-owned, heating and ventilation company, with big dreams and ambitions – Smooth-Air is a real Kiwi success story. Founded and based in Christchurch in May 1990, we have since grown to employ more than 60 staff members. Our reach now extends across Aotearoa via our branches in Auckland and Wellington.

We are committed to ensuring that our range and custom builds meet appropriate quality and Australia / New Zealand compliance and safety standards. We represent a number of internationally recognised manufacturers, ensuring that our customers have the best range of products and services available to them.

Our manufacturing facilities use the latest production technologies and equipment alongside the expert application of traditional sheet metal-craft. Our specialists utilise vacuum-forming, press brake, CNC plasma, CNC 3D Routing, turret punch, and spinning facilities to create custom-made HVAC components.

Our technical specialists are on hand to discuss any range of manufacturing possibilities, and if you are outside our main centres – we can even come to you. Plus our geographically strategic locations and fantastic logistics teams mean you could have your products and your project underway sooner than you think.