AirTouch Zones - Sensors & Motorised Dampers

Purchase one less AT5ts-657257 (or AT4ts-65723) temperature sensor than the number of zones required (as the console/screen has a built in temperature sensor for the living area).
  • Choose number and size of Motorised Dampers to match the ducted system zones
  • ATqcd only available from Churchill branch
  • ATmd? & ATqcd have special pricing which is only valid with an AirTouch4 system
657095 12m Cable for PYMD24volt (centre latch)
AirTouch Zoning ControlCable(centre latch) 30m for [PY]md24v
AirTouch5 Wireless Intelligent Temperature Sensor ITS
532070 Plastic Motor Damper 150dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead
532071 Plastic Motor Damper 200dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead
532072 Plastic Motor Damper 250dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead
532073 Plastic Motor Damper 300dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead
532074 Plastic Motor Damper 350dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead
532075 Plastic Motor Damper 400dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead