Branches - insulated metal

Insulated branches - standard fittings    

Insulated Y branches are custom built items.
BRI151010Y Branch insul 150/100/100$110.39
BRI151212Y Branch insul 150/125/125$133.69
BRI151515154way Branch insul 150/150/150/150$256.83
BRI15151515155way Branch insul 150/150/150/150/150$300.32
BRI201515Y Branch insul 200/150/150$144.57
BRI201515154way Branch insul 200/150/150/150$306.19
BRI202015Y Branch insul 200/200/150$189.51
BRI202020204way Branch insul 200/200/200/200$267.19
BRI252020Y Branch insul 250/200/200$173.08
BRI302020Y Branch insul 300/200/200$186.24
BRI302020204way Branch insul 300/200/200/200$239.36
BRI302525Y Branch insul 300/250/250$213.13

Dampers to fit insulated branches BE/SE    

Use DC dampers to add a damper to any branch - standard or non-standard.
DC100Damper Collar 100 BE/SE to fit BRi$65.07
DC125Damper Collar 125 BE/SE to fit BRi$62.10
DC150Damper Collar 150 BE/SE to fit BRi$62.10
DC200Damper Collar 200 BE/SE to fit BRi$66.18
DC250Damper Collar 250 BE/SE to fit BRi$89.91
DC300Damper Collar 300 BE/SE to fit BRi$96.15
DC350Damper Collar 350 BE/SE to fit BRi$99.00

Branch non-standard    

Custom built, non-standard branches.
NSBRANCHBranch Galv/Thermo - Manufactured Non Standard 2020onwards