Bullock Access Doors

Allows easy and re-sealable way of accessing rigid air conditioning ducts and conditioner housings.
  • Frame: Made from press formed galvanised steel
  • Panel: 2 pieces press formed galvanised steel
  • Seal: 1 piece heat welded PVC compression gasket formed to ensure an airtight seal
  • Locks: 2 or 4 galvanised steel sash fasteners. Combining a specially designed hook and cam system to give an airtight seal between the panel and the frame
  • Safety Chain: Attaches to frame and panel
  • Tested with fire dampers to AS1530.4-1997 to comply with AS4254-1995
Access Panel AP0 door650x500mm (entry 610x460)
Access Panel AP1 door500x375mm (entry465x330)
Access Panel AP2 door375x240mm (entry 335x200)
Access Panel AP3 door240x150mm (entry210x120)