Ceiling Diffusers - Plastic

Ceiling diffusers, Round & Square - Plastic    

For supply and exhaust ventilation, air conditioning and heating.
ADRED150RED15 Round Egg Crate Ceiling Diffuser 150dia c/w damper$55.78
ADRED200RED20 Round Egg Crate Ceiling Diffuser 200dia c/w damper$82.59
EC150Grille EggCrate Plastic 150mm RemovableCore$69.72
GAM15061336 Grille EggCrate Plastic 150mm MagneticRemovableCore$87.57
GPS150B3Grille plasticSquare 3way 215sqFace 150spigot w damper$69.72
GPS150B5Grille plasticSquare 5way 215sqFace 150spigot w damper$69.72
GPS200B3Grille plasticSquare 3way 268sqFace 200spigot w damper$89.85
GPS200B5Grille plasticSquare 5way 268sqFace 200spigot w damper$89.85
GPS250B3Grille plasticSquare 3way 318sqFace 250spigot w damper$108.54
GPS250B5Grille plasticSquare 5way 318sqFace 250spigot w damper$108.54
PYCD150PYCD150 Round Ceiling Diffuser 150dia$99.23
PYCD200237100 Round Ceiling Diffuser 200dia$108.51
PYCD250237101 Round Ceiling Diffuser 250dia$127.45
PYCD300237102 Round Ceiling Diffuser 300dia$130.23
PYDJD150235446 Downjet Diffuser 150dia$74.42
PYDJD200235447 Downjet Diffuser 200dia$86.82
PYDJD250C936 Diffuser Round Downjet 250dia$117.21
PYDJD300Diffuser Round Downjet 300dia$233.96
VEA100VRFCeiling diffuser adjustable flow 100mm$50.42
VEA125VRFCeiling diffuser adjustable flow 125mm$58.42
VEA150VRFCeiling diffuser adjustable flow 150mm$64.58
VEMV125PFSCeiling Diffuser round plastic 125mm with insect screen$31.33
VEMV150PFSCeiling Diffuser rnd plastic 150 w insect screen$34.32
VEMV200VLLD grille plaque style with flange 150spigot 205sq face$64.61