Clearance & Obsolete Dampers & Fittings

Clearance Commercial Dampers    

Limited stock. Please enquire.
TXVFL150Volume Flow Limiter plastic 150dia x 148mm (limited stock)$195.41

Clearance Fittings etc    

PYBI11*330510 BTO B11 Insulated 300/250/250 (limited stock, in Wn)$116.10
PYBI12*330511 BTO B12 Insulated 300/300/150 (limited stock, in Wn)$116.10
PYBI17*330516 BTO B8S Insulated 350/250/250 (limited stock, in Wn)$116.10

Halton excess stock Equipment    

Clearance prices. Lots of stock of some sizes, not much of others. Enquire for more information.
PTS160*Halton PTS/A Inline damper metal 160dia tight shut off$160.51
PTS200*Halton PTS/A Inline damper metal 200dia tight shut off$188.50
PTS250*Halton PTS/A Inline damper metal 250dia tight shut off$231.54
PTS315*Halton PTS/A Inline damper metal 315dia tight shut off$279.69
PTS400*Halton PTS/A Inline damper metal 400dia tight shut off$559.97