Clearance & Obsolete Grilles & Diffusers

Clearance Commercial Grilles    

Limited stock. Please enquire.
TXAIRNAMIC-Q-Z-F300HPlastic Swirl Diffuser Airnamic Square 300mm (limited stock)$153.46
TXAIRNAMIC-R-Z-F400HPlastic SwirlDiffuser Airnamic Round 400dia RAL9016(ltdstock$21.85
TXDUK-V/250/P1Jet Nozzle 250mm Metal (limited stock)$201.25
TXESD-1/1200/0/0ESD linear diffuser 1200mmx1slot (limited stock)$182.88
TXESD-3/1200/0/0ESD linear diffuser 1200mmx3slot (limited stock)$272.84
TXESD-3/15000RAL9010ESD linear diffuser 1500mmx3slot (1532mm) (limited stock)$304.03
TXTDF-SA-Q-Z/400Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 366dia in400sq face RAL9016$40.25
TXTDF-SA-Q-Z/500Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 462dia in 500sq face RAL9010$184.77
TXTDF-SA-R-Z/400Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 366dia in 400round face RAL9016$33.35
TXTDF-SA-R-Z/500Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 440dia in 500round face RAL9016$40.25
TXTDF-SA-R-Z/600Swirl Diffuser SilentAIR 530dia in 600round face RAL9016$44.85
TXVDW308 RAL9010VDW-Q-Z/300x8/Q21/0 Swirl Diffuser 300mmx8blades (295sq$79.71
TXVDW416VDW-Q-Z/400x16/Q21/0 Swirl Diffuser 400mm x 16 blades$95.05
TXVSD35-3/1500/0/0VSD35 Linear Diffuser 1500mmx3slot (limited stock)$411.75
TXZ-LVS160/G1zLVS/160 roundDiscValve whiteMetal Supply (limited stock)$28.75

Clearance Plenums    

Limited stock. Please enquire.
TXESDPLNAKM/I1/12001Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1200mmx1slot 150dia (limited stock)$310.21
TXESDPLNAKM/I1/12003Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1200mmx3slot (limited stock$358.75
TXESDPLNAKM/I1/15003Plenum for ESDdiffuser 1500mmx3slot (198dia) (limited stock)$454.08

Halton excess stock - grilles    

Clearance prices. Lots of stock of some sizes, not much of others. Enquire for more information.
HALBCF190Halton BCF190 floor diffuser$52.90