Commercial Air Distribution Equipment

Air Distribution Equipment imported to order    

Imported air distribution equipment from around the world.
NSGRILLEGrilles - Agency Non Standard

Linear Slot Diffusers    

Designed for ceiling applications.
LS-400/2LSD225-400-2 LinearSlot Diffuser white 2slot 25mm 400L-2ends$262.10
LS-400/4LSD425-400-2 LinearSlot Diffuser white 4slot 25mm 400L-2ends$237.70
LS-600/1LSD125-600-2 LinearSlot Diffuser white 1slot 25mm 600L-2ends$235.89
LS-600/2LSD225-600-2 LinearSlot Diffuser white 2slot 25mm 600L-2ends$262.10
LS1000/4LSD425-1000-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 4slot 25mm 1000L-2end$380.94
LS1200/1LSD125-1200-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 1slot 25mm 1200L-2end$340.73
LS1200/2LSD225-1200-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 2slot 25mm 1200L-2end$393.14
LS1200/3LSD325-1200-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 3slot 25mm 1200L-2end$436.84
LS1500/2LSD225-1500-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 2slot 25mm 1500L-2end$428.09
LS1500/3LSD325-1500-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 3slot 25mm 1500L-2end$489.24
PYLS1LS1F12 Linear Slot Diffuser 1200x44 x1slot$448.24
PYLS2LS2F12 Linear Slot Diffuser 1200x84 x2slot$597.63
PYLS3LS3F12 Linear Slot Diffuser 1200x126 x3slot$769.49

Plenums for Linear Slot Diffusers    

NSPLENR23TDTD Return Plenum - Manufactured Non-Standard 2023
NSPLENS23TDTD Supply Plenum - Manufactured Non-Standard 2023
NSPLENUMGSGalv Plenums - Manufactured Non-Standard (from 2017)