Condensation Pumps

Quiet and reliable pumps that can be installed where space is very limited.
  • Commonly used on split systems where condensation cannot be drained by gravity alone
  • A range of Mini Pumps for every need
  • Can be installed in the ceiling or on the internal wall
  • Aesthetically pleasing pipe capping which allows easy maintenance
FP2406 Aspen Mini Aqua 14Ltr/hr Max
FP1080 Aspen Mini Blanc pump 12Ltr/Hr Max
FP3349 Hi-Flow Tank Pump 1.7ltr 550Ltr/hr Max
FP2099 Hi-Lift Tank Pump 1ltr 11lt/hr 12m discharge
FP2071 Hi-Lift Tank Pump 2ltr 11lt/hr 12m discharge
FP3312 Aspen Mini Lime Silent 12Ltr/hr Max
FP3326 Aspen Mini Aqua Silent 12Ltr/hr max flow
FP3349 Aspen Mini Orange 14Ltr/hr Max
FP2082 Aspen Universal Peristaltic Pump