Cone Shaped

Ideal to isolate, reduce/eliminate vibrations caused by working machines.

CS: Includes galvanized coach bolts & washers for installation.

SC: Cone shaped damper made of soft natural rubber with M8 thread.

  • Sold in bags of 4 with nuts and washers
  • Useful for air coniditioners, generators, electric motors, and instruments
A35 Dampers Cone Shape 27x30-40 (120kg/4) M8 4pkt
9898-022 Dampers Cone Shape 35x50 (85kg/ea) M8 4pkt
9898-024 Dampers Cone Shape 22X39 (50kg/ea) M8 4pkt
9898-023 Dampers Soft Cone 22x39 (30kg/ea) M8