Flashings - Wall

Secondary Wall Flashing    

Secondary wall flashings help make sure water doesn't slip behind the base flashing and damage your roof. Trade-Seals should be considered a secondary flashing system.
PC006-12POSTPATCHX5*13635 Kaflex Postpatch 6-12mm Adhesive 140sq 5pack$103.71
PC015-30X05*13605 Roflex 15-30mm Adhesive 145sq 5 pack$101.21
PC030-50X20*16695 Roflex 30-50mm Adhesive 140sq 20 pack (excl tape)$421.65
PC050-90X02*13608 Roflex 50-90mm Adhesive 140sq 2 pack (incl tape)$58.40
PC120-170X20*13612 Roflex 120-170mm 250sq 20pack needs pcExtora60 Tape$667.87
PC220-270X02*13617 Roflex 220-270mm c/w adhesive 400sq 2 pack$165.93
TSEAL015-022Trade-Seal 15-22mm Adhesive Collar Size 150x150mm$21.67
TSEAL025-032Trade-Seal 25-32 mm Adhesive Collar Size 150x150mm$24.78
TSEAL050-070Trade-Seal 50-70mm Adhesive Collar Size 230x230mm$49.52
TSEAL075-090Trade-Seal 75-90mm Adhesive Collar Size 230x230mm$52.64
TSEAL100-110Trade-Seal 100-110mm Adhesive Collar Size 320x320mm$69.51
TSEAL150-165Trade-Seal 150-165mm Adhesive Collar Size 350x350mm$105.43
ZZ PC015-30X30* ZZ13606 Roflex 15-30mm Adhesive 145sq 30 pack$501.16