Dampers - Plastic & Metal

Plastic Motorised Damper inline 24v & 240v    

PYMD24V150532070 Plastic Motor Damper 150dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$217.98
PYMD24V200532071 Plastic Motor Damper 200dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$226.33
PYMD24V250532072 Plastic Motor Damper 250dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$242.74
PYMD24V300532073 Plastic Motor Damper 300dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$259.19
PYMD24V350532074 Plastic Motor Damper 350dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$275.63
PYMD24V400532075 Plastic Motor Damper 400dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$300.33
PYMDE150532060 240v Plastic Motorised Damper 150 c/w lead$272.62
PYMDE200532061 240v Plastic Motorised Damper 200 c/w lead$291.42
PYMDE250532062 240v Plastic Motorised Damper 250 c/w lead$310.22
PYMDE300532063 240v Plastic Motorised Damper 300 c/w lead$329.03
PYMDE350532064 240v Plastic Motorised Damper 350 c/w lead$347.82
PYMDE400532065 240v Plastic Motorised Damper 400 c/w lead$366.63

Plastic motorised Damper inline or clip on EZYbody/reducer    

ADMDE15240150mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240v$290.63
ADMDE20240200mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240v$301.82
ADMDE25240250mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240v$323.67
ADMDE30240300mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240v$345.55
ADMDE35240350mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240v$367.54
ADMDE40240400mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 240v$400.48
ADMDP15E150mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with lead$305.15
ADMDP20E200mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with lead$316.87
ADMDP25E250mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with lead$339.84
ADMDP30E300mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with lead$362.84
ADMDP35E350mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with lead$385.92
ADMDP40E400mm Ezy Inline Motorised Damper 24v with lead$420.49

Motors for EZY dampers    

ADEZAhard wire 1m lead for Grey 24V Damper Motor$14.95
ADEZM24Grey 24V Damper Motor (needs adEZA)$250.90
ADEZM240Yellow 240V Damper Motor$250.90
ADPC9MCable for Grey 24V Damper Motor 9 metre$24.32

Manual inline Damper    

PYD150MDBO15 Plastic Damper 150$71.07
PYD200MDBO20 Plastic Damper 200$81.64
PYD250MDBO25 Plastic Damper 250$92.83
PYD300MDBO30 Plastic Damper 300$106.71
PYD350MDBO35 Plastic Damper 350$121.51
PYD400MDBO40 Plastic Damper 400$136.64

Metal Manual In Line Damper SE/SE    

SE/SE = Small End/Small End.
ILD100Damper InLine Galv 100dia$76.18
ILD125Damper InLine Galv 125dia$76.18
ILD150Damper InLine Galv 150dia$76.18
ILD200Damper InLine Galv 200dia$83.60
ILD250Damper InLine Galv 250dia$90.72
ILD300Damper InLine Galv 300dia$97.81
ILD350Damper InLine Galv 350dia$119.45
PTS100*Halton PTS/A Inline damper metal 100dia tight shut off$132.95
PTS125*Halton PTS/A Inline damper metal 125dia tight shut off$141.10

Metal Motorised Damper Diverting Branch (230VAC) SE/SE/SE    

SE = Small End.
MDDB150Motorized Damper Diverting Branch 150dia$792.09
MDDB200Motorized Damper Diverting Branch 200dia$825.09
MDDB2020D15DMotorized Damper Diverting Branch 200/200D/150dia$825.09
MDDB250Motorized Damper Diverting Branch 250dia$874.58
MDDB300Motorized Damper Diverting Branch 300dia$924.08
MDDB350Motorized Damper Diverting Branch 350dia$973.60

Metal Motorised In Line Damper (230VAC) SE/SE    

SE = Small End.
MILD100Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 100dia$394.98
MILD125Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 125dia$394.98
MILD150Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 150dia$394.98
MILD200Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 200dia$411.33
MILD250Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 250dia$428.02
MILD300Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 300dia$460.77
MILD350Motorized In-Line Damper Galv 350dia$493.83
PTSINSTHHalton PTS InstallationKit High mount (to fit insulation)$63.09
PTSINSTLHalton PTS InstallationKit Low mount (for no insulation)$90.86

Plastic Motorised Damper Diverting Branch single & double Y    

Other sizes made to order for Double Y.
MDDBP1Y150Single Y motor damper diverting Plastic 150dia$406.25
MDDBP1Y200Single Y motor damper diverting Plastic 200dia$411.96
MDDBP1Y250Single Y motor damper diverting Plastic 250dia$435.28
MDDBP2Y200Double Y motor damper diverting Plastic 200dia$547.46

Zone Damper Sets    

A cost effective, simple Zone Control System is possible using the MILDT sets.
MILDT150Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 150dia$689.59
MILDT200Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 200dia$721.06
MILDT250Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 250dia$767.88
MILDT300Motorised In Line Damper with Thermostat 300dia$846.42