Doby Verromax Flange System

High performing flange imported from the UK.
  • Provides for rapid assembly of cross joints, minimising fabrication time
  • Permanently flexible non-toxic sealant injected into the profile during manufacture, will not harden and crack post installation
  • Available in standard metric sizes of 20mm, 30mm ex NZ stock (40mm on indent)
  • Fully conforms to UK, HVCA specification DW144
  • Full range of accessories to suit all sizes of flange
  • Tested and certified by BSRIA in accordance with the B&ES (formally HVCA) test procedures DW/TM1
  • Z275 gram coating to steel giving anti-corrosion benefits
  • Choice of material types and gauges, available in stainless steel & aluminium by special request and indent
VM20 Verromax Flange 20mm x3m
VM20C Corner for VM20 flange, 20mm
VM30 Verromax Flange 30mm x3m
VF30C Corner for VM30 flange, 30mm
Universal Flange Clamp 20mm
VF20CL Clip/Cleat for 20 & 30mm flange
DS100 Turning Vane 3m length
DS101 Turning Vane Track 3m length
DS104 Turning Vane Fixing Tool