Door Grilles

Natural anodised aluminium construction.
  • Features an inverted ?V? blade for vision proof appearance
  • Door grilles are supplied with a telescopic frame, enabling equal appearance from both sides of the door
  • Chevron type blades are spaced at 20mm centres for maximum free area consistent with non-vision construction
  • Telescopic frame suits doors or partitions from 25mm to 45mm wide
  • Clips located on the inner frame of the door grille snap fit the outer frame, eliminating
    the need for rivets or screws etc
  • Security door grille (flat bar welded to face) available on request
DG3016 Door Grille 300x160 neck
DG4020 Door Grille 400x200 neck
DG6016 Door Grille 600x160 neck
DG6020 Door Grille 600x200 neck
DG6026 Door Grille 600x260 neck
DG6030 Door Grille 600x300 neck
DG6036 Door Grille 600x360 neck
DG6040 Door Grille 600x400 neck
DG6046 Door Grille 600x460 neck
DG6060 Door Grille 600x600 neck