Dry-Matic (Positive Pressure)

Diverting Kits - Winter Heat Transfer or Summer Vent    

Optional add-ons for digital Dry-Matics.
DMHMHeat Transfer Kit for Dry-Matic -inlet from lounge/logburner$514.08
DMVKDry-Matic diverting branch summerkit-inlet from outside air$729.23

Dry-Matic Systems    

Provides condensation control for as little as 10 cents per day.
DM01BDry-Matic with Attic mounted controls$2,070.00
DM01DDry-Matic with Digital Controller *$2,702.50
DM07BDry-Matic with Attic controls and 750w heater$2,990.00
DM07DDry-Matic with digital controller, 750w heater *$3,634.00
DM15DDry-Matic with digital controller, 1500w heater *$4,025.00

Replacement filter bags & carbon filters for Dry-Matics    

DMCFFilter - Supply Carbon 960x350 (old style)$67.44
DMFBDry-Matic Filter Box (incl DMFC filter) 310x310 200spigot$260.10
DMFCFilter - Supply Carbon Box Type 291x291 (fits DMFB or FBP)$106.96
DMFSDry Matic Filter Sock/Bag (hand-washable)$39.55