Y Branch Plastic insulated or plain

EY equilateral Y plastic    

Once assembled as a Y-branch, the components can't be separated. Freighted unassembled for reduced size.
ADEY15Y Branch 150/150/150 Plain plastic$42.92
ADEY20Y Branch 200/200/200 Plain plastic$51.16
ADEY25Y Branch 250/250/250 Plain plastic$70.69

Pre-Assembled Ybranches    

Y252020AY250/200/200 Insulated Y Branch w spigots (pre-assembled)$83.29
Y302020AY300/200/200 Insulated Y Branch w spigots (pre-assembled)$91.24
Y302525AY300/250/250 Insulated Y Branch w spigots (pre-assembled)$98.28
Y303025AY300/300/250 Insulated Y Branch w spigots (pre-assembled)$127.95
Y353030AY350/300/300 Insulated Y Branch w spigots (pre-assembled)
Y403535AY400/350/350 Insulated Y Branch w spigots (pre-assembled)
Y453535AY450/350/350 Insulated Y Branch w spigots (pre-assembled)$156.64
Y454035AY450/400/350 Insulated Y Branch w spigots (pre-assembled)$167.81

YY components (in next sections) clip together    

YY1Y200/150/150 Insulated plastic Y-body only$35.87

YY insulated bodies (need 3x YS or YR spigots)    

PYY2Plastic Y Branch 250-200/200-150/200-150$50.07
YY2Y250/200/200 Insulated plastic Y-body only$50.07
YY3Y300/250/250 Insulated plastic Y-body only$69.77
YY4Y350/300/300 Insulated plastic Y-body only$79.90
YY5Y400/350/350 Insulated plastic Y-body only$93.91
YY6Y450/400/400 Insulated plastic Y-body only$124.25

Motorised dampers for YY    

Stock in Christchurch only. While stocks last.
YQCD200D20024 QuickC MotorisedDamper 200dia 24v,needs AT..patchlead$181.10
YQCD250D25024 QuickC MotorisedDamper 250dia 24v,needs AT..patchlead$203.11
YQCD300D30024 QuickC MotorisedDamper 300dia 24v,needs AT..patchlead$217.71
YQCD350D35024 QuickC MotorisedDamper 350dia 24v,needs AT..patchlead$232.37

YS spigots & YR reducing spigots for YY bodies    

A range of spigots, spigot reducers, and balancing damper blades.
YR2015R2015 Reducing Spigot 200-150$7.43
YR2515R2515 Reducing Spigot 250-150 (2 step)$11.11
YR2520R2520 Reducing Spigot 250-200$9.27
YR3020R3020 Reducing Spigot 300-200 (2 step)$13.36
YR3025R3025 Reducing Spigot 300-250$11.11
YR3525R3525 Reducing Spigot 350-250 (2 step)$15.59
YR3530R3530 Reducing Spigot 350-300$12.97
YR4030R4030 Reducing Spigot 400-300 (2 step)$17.89
YR4035R4035 Reducing Spigot 400-350$14.80
YR4540R4540 Reducing Spigot 450-400$16.71
YS15S15 Spigot 150$5.59
YS20S20 Spigot 200$7.43
YS25S25 Spigot 250$9.27
YS30S30 Spigot 300$11.11
YS35S35 Spigot 350$12.97
YS40S40 Spigot 400$14.80
YS45S45 Spigot 450$16.71
YYB15Balancing damper blade for YS,YR 150dia w quadrant$21.74
YYB20Balancing damper blade for YS,YR 200dia installed w quadrant$22.42
YYB25Balancing damper blade for YS,YR 250dia installed w quadrant$23.07
YYB30Balancing damper blade for YS,YR 300dia installed w quadrant$24.36
YYB35Balancing damper blade for YS,YR 350dia installed w quadrant$25.97
YYB40Balancing damper blade for YS,YR 400dia installed w quadrant$27.27

EZY components (in next sections) clip together    

Every adEZY body needs two adEC collars, and maybe one or two adER reducers.

EZY insulated body - needs 2x adEZCs (and maybe adERi)    

ADEZYI20Y Branch 200/150/150 insul. plastic (Base only)$31.43
ADEZYI25Y Branch 250/200/200 insul. plastic (Base only)$45.39
ADEZYI30Y Branch 300/250/250 insul. plastic (Base only)$65.37
ADEZYI35Y Branch 350/300/300 insul. plastic (Base only)$78.82
ADEZYI40Y Branch 400/350/350 insul. plastic (Base only)$117.98
ADEZYI45Y Branch 450/450/450 insul. plastic (Base only) (not454040)$146.50
ADEZYI50Y Branch 500/450/450 insul. plastic (Base only)$165.51

Reducers for EZY (can be linked in series) - need adEZC    

ADERI2015EZY Reducer insul. 200/150 dia$15.09
ADERI2520EZY Reducer insul. 250/200 dia$19.57
ADERI3025EZY Reducer insul. 300/250 dia$25.52
ADERI3525EZY Reducer insul. 350/250 dia$30.61
ADERI3530EZY Reducer insul. 350/300 dia$29.11
ADERI4535EZY Reducer insul. 450/350 dia$37.87
ADERI4540EZY Reducer insul. 450/400 dia$34.44

Collars for EZY    

Collars are required for each spigot of the EZY bodies.
ADEZC150EZY Collar 150 dia plastic$8.13
ADEZC200EZY Collar 200 dia plastic$10.22
ADEZC250EZY Collar 250 dia plastic$11.03
ADEZC300EZY Collar 300 dia plastic$13.58
ADEZC350EZY Collar 350 dia plastic$16.41
ADEZC400EZY Collar 400 dia plastic$18.56
ADEZC450EZY Collar 450 dia plastic$19.62

Dampers for EZY branches    

ADEB150EB15 EZY Damper Blade 150 dia plastic$10.67
ADEB200EZY Damper Blade 200 dia plastic$12.21
ADEB250EB25 EZY Damper Blade 250 dia plastic$14.54
ADEB300EB30 EZY Damper Blade 300 dia plastic$19.09
ADEB350EB35 EZY Damper Blade 350 dia plastic$28.06
ADEB400EB40 EZY Damper Blade 400 dia plastic$39.39
ADEDQEDQ EZY Manual Damper Quadrant$2.44