Duct Flange Systems

Doby Verromax Flange System    

High performing flange imported from the UK.
FLANGE20VM20 Verromax Flange 20mm x3m$20.78
FLANGE20CVM20C Corner for VM20 flange, 20mm$3.09
FLANGE30VM30 Verromax Flange 30mm x3m$32.13
FLANGE30CVF30C Corner for VM30 flange, 30mm$2.78
FLANGECLAMPUniversal Flange Clamp 20mm$3.51
FLANGECLEATVF20CL Clip/Cleat for 20 & 30mm flange$2.47
TVDS100 Turning Vane 3m length$28.34
TVTDS101 Turning Vane Track 3m length$28.34
TVTOOLDS104 Turning Vane Fixing Tool$403.19

Standard Flange System    

Allows fast and economical connection of ducts.
LV120I120I Flange ISO G/S 20mm 5m$58.76
LV120LS128s Flange Duct G/S with seal 20mm 5m$37.71
LV130I130I Flange ISO G/S 30mm 5m$92.40
LV130LS138s Flange Duct G/S with seal 30mm 5m$58.25
LV22528M225 Corner for 120 Flange System$2.33
LV23328M233 Corner for 130 Flange System$2.92