Duct Installation

Gripple Duct Hanger Systems    

Provides a fast and versatile solution for suspending ductwork, heaters, air conditioning, radiant panels and grille boxes.
G-CAT2-100-20Gripple Catenary wire 2mmdiax100m +20xGripples$518.06
G-CUTTERGripple Pocket size wire cutters$246.36
G-DT2Gripple only DuctTrapeze SWL45kgEA bag of10 (no wire)$193.64
G-DT2-RAG-2MGripple2mmx2m concrAnchor DctTrpze SWL45kgEA 10bag$289.29
G-SRB2Gripple only SideRelease SWL45kgEA bag of 20 (no wire)$190.95
G-TZ2Gripple only Trapeze SWL45kgEA bag of10 (no wire)$1,936.31
G-TZ2-EY90-2MGripple2mmx2m Eyelet90Trapeze SWL45kgEA 10bag$294.92
G-TZ2-EY90-2M-TZPI2Gripple2mmx2m Eyelet90Trapeze VibrationIsolator&TieWire 4bag$588.68
G-TZ2-RAG-2MGripple2mmx2m concrAnchor Trapeze SWL45kgEA 10bag$231.54
G-WR2-LG-2MGrippleWire2mmx2or3m endLoop (nogripple) SWL45kgEA 10bag$109.93
G-XP2-EY90-2MGripple2mmx2or3m Eyelet90 Express SWL45kgEA 10bag$228.91
G-XP2-RAG-3MGripple2mmx3m concrAnchor Express SWL45kgEA 10bag$228.91
G-YHF2HG1M500MMSRKT2Gripple2mmx1m+Y500mm Yhanger HGhook +SideRelease 2bag


Brackets & galvanised straps.
SIM055Simplefix Galv Strap 25mmx0.55mmx25m$97.45
SIM055/10Simplefix Galv Strap 25mmx0.55mmx10m yellow$41.07
SIM075Simplefix Galv Strap 25mmx0.75mmx15m black$85.86
SIMTBTop Bracket for Simplefix Galv Strap$13.46
SIMUBSimplefix Universal Brkt (per 30)$42.37

Threaded rod & other accessories    

A range of of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, base-plates, rivets, and threaded rods.
60ZIP1244ZIPIT zp steel with screws (50)$42.16
DB3.3DEDrill Double Ended Panel 3.3mm each (purchase in 10s)$6.03
M10BASEPLATE62HBB10Z M10 Base Plate ZP$1.77
M10NUT4510 M10 Hex nut zincPlated (200/box, sell x0.5 for100]$27.27
M10TROD1Threaded Rod Zinc Plated M10 1 Metre length$5.37
M10TROD2Threaded Rod Zinc Plated M10 2 Metre length$7.85
M10WASHER701021 M10 Steel Flat Rnd Washer ZP (pkt of200) M10x21x1.6mm$9.46
SD10-16X1634W101616YC wafer Self-Drillers Class2 10-16x16 100bag$15.65
SD12-11X3512g-11x35 Roofix HWF Woodscrew T17 Class4 Jar50$16.40
SD12-14X20N12g-14x20 HWF metal self driller +Neo Class4 Bag of 50$20.84
SD12-14X25N12g-14x25 HWF metal self driller +Neo Class4 Bag of 50$22.26
SD12-14X35N12g-14x35 HWF metal self driller +Neo Class4 Jar of 50$23.28
SD14-10X7514g-10x75 Roofix HWF Woodscrew T17 Class4 Jar50$27.32
SFIX8X5083Q82C 8x2(8gx50mm) CSK Sq Surefix Screw ZY - Jar 100$23.08
SR4-4R73SS404 4-4 Pan Head Steel Rivet (3.2x4.8-6.4) Jar 100$16.70

Duct Installation Brackets    

A range of brackets, hanger bolts, and duct supports.
LVALM102707 Support Bracket ALM10 (150kg rating)$4.05
LVG874 RubberGrommet w10dia toSuit LVZ zBrkt (&in13mmdia holes)$3.05
LVHBM102710 Duct Hanger Bolt M10 (Mez 120) (150kg rating)$5.89
LVISO2723 Therm/Vibrtn IsolationHanger SI suits M10rod (170kgRati$38.98
LVMB102750 Angle Bracket MB10 100mm (30kg rating) (incl grommet)$6.22
LVMB202752 Angle Bracket MB20 200mm (40kg rating) (incl grommet)$7.30
LVTRASAT8243 Trasat Circular Duct Support M10 (200x30x65h) Max2kN$6.62
LVZ8133 z Brkt (Support Brkt) (includes grommet)$5.99
TRASATTrasat Circular Duct Support (145x35x30mm 10mmhole)$3.50

Flex strap, saddles & lock pins    

Thermo products are made in the USA by Thermo Manufacturing. Thermo is owned by HVAC contractors who invented the product to ensure Flexi Duct was installed correctly.
LVBL16-10105 Thermo Button Lok Pin Only each$1.72
LVBL2516-10100 Thermo Button-Lok Strapping 25mmx30mtr to23kg$102.03
LVFD SADDLE16-10101 Thermo Flexible Duct Saddle Individual$3.88

Flex Flow Elbow    

Eliminates kinks and restrictions in residential and commercial flexible duct installations.
LV16-FF116-FF1 FlexFlow elbow duct support (needs cable ties)$40.77

Duct Clamps & Holderbats    

AH150Aluminium Holderbats 150dia c/w 304 SSscrew&nut$17.60
AH200Aluminium Holderbats 200dia c/w 304 SSscrew&nut$24.85
DCL100100SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 100dia$31.42
DCL125125SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 125dia$35.43
DCL150150SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 150dia$38.81
DCL200200SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 200dia$43.73
DCL250250SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 250dia$52.07
DCL300300SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 300dia$61.71
DCL350350SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 350dia$74.80
DCL400400SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 400dia$77.38
DCL450450SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 450dia$96.44
DCL500500SDCL Duct Clamp Lined 500dia$105.44
G-GC2-M8/M10-1.4MGripple pipe clamp 80-350dia (for both M8 & M10) Pkt of 10$169.49
G-GC2-M8/M10-2.4MGripple pipe clamp 400-650dia (for both M8 & M10) PKT of10$208.30

Sheetmetal tools    

Matte black finish and plastisol grips. Great for repairs in the field.
CRIMP3822002 Wiss 3 Blade Hand Crimper$213.76

Pin spotters & Pins    

LVPC126017 PC1 Pin Clips for PN spotter pins x1000$138.97
LVPN11426002 PN114 Spotter Pin 1 1/4'' x1000$97.08
LVSAH11426068 SAH114 Self adhesive hanger pins (to suit 25mm) x100$81.79