Duct Installation Brackets

A range of brackets, hanger bolts, and duct supports.
  • Duct Installation Bracket - suits M10 Threaded Rod
  • See Technical Data for more infomation
2707 Support Bracket ALM10 (150kg rating)
874 RubberGrommet w10dia toSuit LVZ zBrkt (&in13mmdia holes)
2710 Duct Hanger Bolt M10 (Mez 120) (150kg rating)
2723 Therm/Vibrtn IsolationHanger SI suits M10rod (170kgRati
2750 Angle Bracket MB10 100mm (30kg rating) (incl grommet)
2752 Angle Bracket MB20 200mm (40kg rating) (incl grommet)
8243 Trasat Circular Duct Support M10 (200x30x65h) Max2kN
8133 z Brkt (Support Brkt) (includes grommet)
Trasat Circular Duct Support (145x35x30mm 10mmhole)