Echidna, Grille Adaptors & Cushion Heads


Comes without flange, unless flange requested. When ordering please specify size and spigot measurements.
ECH55X55/35ECH to fit PYHF595 grille with 350dia spigot$465.40
ECH55X55/35/+ECH to fit PYHF595 grille 350dia spigot +specify top spigot$601.89
ECH55X55/40ECH to fit PYHF595 grille with 400dia spigot$465.40
ECH55X55/40/+ECH to fit PYHF595 grille 400dia spigot +specify top spigot$601.89
ECH75X40/40ECH to fit PYHF750/400 return grille with 400dia spigot$550.09
ECH75X40/40/+ECH to fit PYHF750/400 grille 400dia +specify top spigot$668.63
NSECHIDNAEchidna (Cushion Head) - Manufactured Non-Standard (from2019

TDpanel Grille Boxes    

Specify spigot size from 100mm dia to 50mm less than box size.
GBTD150TD Grille box 150x150(internal) - specify spigot size$192.51
GBTD200TD Grille box 200x200(internal) - specify spigot size$189.03
GBTD225TD Grille box 225x225(internal) - specify spigot size$194.74
GBTD250TD Grille box 250x250(internal) - specify spigot size$194.74
GBTD300TD Grille box 300x300(internal) - specify spigot size$222.61
GBTD350TD Grille box 350x350(internal) - specify spigot size$272.73
GBTD375TD Grille box 375x375(internal) - specify spigot size$263.09
GBTD400TD Grille box 400x400(internal) - specify spigot size$272.73
GBTD450TD Grille box 450x450(internal) - specify spigot size$344.71
GBTD500TD Grille box 500x500(internal) - specify spigot size$345.63
GBTD550TD Grille box 550x550(internal) - specify spigot size$345.69
GBTD595TD Grille box 595x595(external) - specify spigot size$345.69
GBTDA150TD Grille box Acoustic 150x150(internal) specify spigot$325.39
GBTDA200TD Grille box Acoustic 200x200(internal) specify spigot$321.87
GBTDA225TD Grille box Acoustic 225x225(internal) specify spigot$357.57
GBTDA250TD Grille box Acoustic 250x250(internal) specify spigot$357.57
GBTDA300TD Grille box Acoustic 300x300(internal) specify spigot$388.91
GBTDA350TD Grille box Acoustic 350x350(internal) specify spigot$454.10
GBTDA375TD Grille box Acoustic 375x375(internal) specify spigot$454.10
GBTDA400TD Grille box Acoustic 400x400(internal) specify spigot$466.47
GBTDA450TD Grille box Acoustic 450x450(internal) specify spigot$586.29
GBTDA500TD Grille box Acoustic 500x500(internal) specify spigot$586.29
GBTDA550TD Grille box Acoustic 550x550(internal) specify spigot$607.58
GBTDA595TD Grille box Acoustic 595x595(external) specify spigot$607.58
NSGBOX23TDTD Grille box - Manufactured Non Standard 2023

Side Entry Grille Box    

Side Entry Grille Boxes are another option for grille supply and extract situations.
NSGBOXGALVGrille Boxes Galv - Manufactured Non-Standard
SEGBP150Side Entry Grille Box 150 (Cushion Head) G/S (Specify Spigot$114.63
SEGBP225Side Entry Grille Box 225 (Cushion Head) G/S (SpecifySpigot$146.43
SEGBP300Side Entry Grille Box 300 (Cushion Head) G/S (SpecifySpigot$159.65
SEGBP375Side Entry Grille Box 375 (Cushion Head) G/S (SpecifySpigot$241.17
SEGBP450Side Entry Grille Box 450 (Cushion Head) G/S (SpecifySpigot$282.27
SEGBP550Side Entry Grille Box 550 (Cushion Head) G/S (SpecifySpigot$308.89

Side Entry Grille Box - 25mm Novahush insulation    

Side Entry Grille Boxes are another option for grille supply and extract situations.
SEGBI150SideEntryGrilleBox Insul 150 (CushionHead) G/S (specifySpig$173.83
SEGBI225SideEntryGrilleBox Insul 225 (CushionHead) G/S (specifySpig$218.18
SEGBI300SideEntryGrilleBox Insul 300 (CushionHead) G/S (specifySpig$253.49
SEGBI375SideEntryGrilleBox Insul 375 (CushionHead) G/S (specifySpig$360.12
SEGBI450SideEntryGrilleBox Insul 450 (CushionHead) G/S (specifySpig$462.81
SEGBI550SideEntryGrilleBox Insul 550 (CushionHead) G/S (specifySpig$552.28