Fan Accessories

Fan Controllers    

Select from a range of speed controllers, switches, and regulators.
ECFANCONTROLK001DCMP (KIWI 0-30VDC Controller c/w plate and switch)$92.58
SC1000K010MP Variable Speed Motor Controller 1000va 4.0A min100w$185.92
SC33 Speed Switch Kit (suitable for 3 speed fan only)$85.81
SC500/2K005MP Variable Speed Motor Controller 500va 2.0A min5w$127.22
THERMORAA31RAA31Thermostat c/w on/off switch 6 amp$107.81
THERMOTA3546010 Thermostat c/w on/off switch 16amp$78.46
TIMERFan run-on Timer adjustable (run-on 1s-90mins, delay 1s-5m)$115.18
VEBU-1-60BU-1-60 domestic fan controller 5function new style$103.67
VERS-1-400Speed regulator 400va 1.8A$109.78


POWDERCOATPowder coating (with serial numbers)
WS170HPM WS170 WP isolator$114.57


Standard freight charges will apply on all orders of Rigi product. Rates for bulk orders by negotiation.
SILG1506Silencer Circular 150 Dia x 600 Long Galv$408.81
SILG2006Silencer Circular 200 Dia x 600 Long Galv$408.81
SILG2506Silencer Circular 250 Dia x 600 Long Galv$490.57
SILG3006Silencer Circular 300 Dia x 600 Long Galv$490.57
SILR1005Silencer Rigi-Flex 100mm dia, 500mm long$265.75
SILR1010Silencer Rigi-Flex 100mm dia, 1 metre long$310.49
SILR1505Silencer Rigi-Flex 150mm dia, 500mm long$310.49
SILR1510Silencer Rigi-Flex 150mm dia, 1 metre long$372.57
SILR2005Silencer Rigi-Flex 200mm dia, 500mm long$388.09
SILR2010Silencer Rigi-Flex 200mm dia, 1 metre long$465.72
SILR2505Silencer Rigi-Flex 250mm dia, 500mm long$440.86
SILR2510Silencer Rigi-Flex 250mm dia, 1 metre long$527.80
SILR3010Silencer Rigi-Flex 300mm dia, 1 metre long$776.16
SILR3015Silencer Rigi-Flex 300mm dia, 1.5 metre long$931.36