Fan Units

Monica Roof Extract Units (w 600mm tube)    

A compact and effective fan/cowl system.
MON150L-2EMonica Centrifugal Roof Extract Fan 150dia - 3speed$774.49
MON150M-2EMonica Centrifugal Roof Extract Fan 150dia - 3speed$733.11
MON200L-2EMonica Centrifugal Roof Extract Fan 200dia$1,274.58
MON200M-2EMonica Centrifugal Roof Extract Fan 200dia - 3speed$837.74
MON250L-2EMonica Centrifugal Roof Extract Fan 250dia$1,274.58
MON300Monica Centrifugal Roof Extract Fan 300dia$1,647.41

Mini Monica Roof Extract or Supply    

Suitable for domestic use.
MM150EMini Monica 2E Roof Exhaust Unit 150dia, 600mm tube$413.95
MM150SMini Monica 2E Roof Supply Unit 150dia, 600mm tube$413.95

Monica Wall Extract Units (2pole, 1phase)    

Effective wall mounted fan.
MON150LB-2EMonica Centrifugal Wall Extract Fan 150dia - 3speed$799.72
MON150MB-2EMonica Centrifugal Wall Extract Fan 150dia - 3speed$752.97
MON200LB-2EMonica Centrifugal Wall Extract Fan 200dia$1,335.91
MON200MB-2EMonica Centrifugal Wall Extract Fan 200dia - 3speed$799.72
MON250LB-2EMonica Centrifugal Wall Extract Fan 250dia* limited stock$1,335.91
MON300BMonica Centrifugal Wall Extract Fan 300dia$1,696.84

Roof mounted filtered supply units (RUF)    

RUF150-2ERUF150-2E Roof Supply Unit$1,145.56
RUF200-2ERUF200-2E Roof Supply Unit$1,525.75
RUF250-2ERUF250-2E Roof Supply Unit$1,542.04
RUF300-2ERUF300-2E Roof Supply Unit 428FIDl/s$1,937.43

BEX MkIII ceiling extract fan    

Provides the capability of modest air extract with minimal noise and visual pollution.
BEX190T190 Bex Markiii Low Profile Extract Three Speed$1,031.38

Bathroom/Kitchen Extraction kits    

Designed for safe ventilation for a bathroom.
VECONKIT100AContractor Kit 100 Axial fan 30L/sFID$203.49
VECONKIT100CContractor Kit 100 Centrifugal fan 69L/sFID$486.21
VECONKIT125AContractor Kit 125 Axial fan 54L/sFID$232.53
VECONKIT125CContractor Kit 125 Centrifugal fan 99L/sFID$489.18
VECONKIT150AContractor Kit 150 Axial fan 88L/sFID$275.88
VECONKIT150CContractor Kit 150 Centrifugal fan 128L/sFID$504.41

IBEX In-line Bex centrifugal (extract or supply)    

IBEX220F-2EInline Bex 220F Centrifugal Extract Fan$1,173.32
IBEXSILInline Bex Inlet or Discharge Silencer$449.48

SAV Wall mounted filtered supply air ventilator    

SAV150L-2EWall Mounted Filtered Supply Fan$1,256.55

KS in-line fan (extract or supply)    

KS150/2EFan In-Line KS150/2E 150dia 75L/s FID$327.88

Derby Ventilator ceiling extract fan (light optional)    

All-in-one ducted ventilator.
DBLV100Ventilator-Derby Fan 100mm c/w Light$479.81
DBLV150Ventilator-Derby Fan 150mm c/w Light$599.72
PYDV100867400 Ventilator-Derby Fan 100mm$232.24
PYDV150867401 Ventilator-Derby Fan 150mm$398.10

P-series plastic in-line centrifugal fan (extract or supply)    

P200TM-2EFan Inline Centrifugal 200dia 3speed PlasticCase 210FIDl/s$728.73