Fasteners & Accessories

Blue Plastic Strap    

TBSTRAPHanging Strap PE Blue 25mm x 50m$9.45

Cable Ties    

4 sizes available.
LVDT7343 Dyn-O-Tie Installation Tool DIT-2$259.95
LVDYTIE12DynoTie maxdia300mm DN12 - 300mm Bag of 100$15.58
LVDYTIE24DynoTie maxdia200mm 4.8x650mm Bag of 100$31.14
LVDYTIE36DynoTie maxdia250mm 10x900mm Bag of 100$97.34
LVDYTIE48DynoTie maxdia375mm 9x1200mm Bag of 100$155.71

Hose Clips/Clamps    

HC08-16HCX090816 Hose Clips 8-16mm (x9mm) S/S$7.42
HC12-20HCX091220 Hose Clips 12-20mm (x9mm) S/S$8.31
HC20-32HCX122032 Hose Clips 20-32mm (x12mm) S/S$9.27
VEC150C150 Hose Clamp 140-160mm (x9mm) S/S$10.71
VEC200C200 Hose Clamp 190-210mm (x9mm) S/S$10.71
VEC250C250 Hose Clamp 240-260mm (x9mm) S/S$12.66
VEC315C315 Hose Clamp 300-330 mm (x9mm) S/S$12.93

Steel Banding    

VECBR3000StripBanding 30m (x9x0.8mm) S/S cut to size, use with VESU$75.01
VESULocking device (box of 50) for VECBR Strip S/Steel Banding$97.24