Filters & Filter Boxes

Panel Filter    

Can be made to any size.
FILTERHRVFilter to suit HRV units 295x300x130mm$145.97
NSFILTERFilter - Non Standard Agency

In-line hinged filter box Plastic    

Can be installed at any angle.
FBP150Filter Box Plastic (no filter) 310x310 150spigot$177.41
FBP200Filter Box Plastic (no filter) 310x310 200spigot$177.41
FBP250Filter Box Plastic (no filter) 310x310 250spigot$177.41
FBPFFilter - EU2 288x288x95mm to fit FBP$48.81
FBPF7Filter - EU7 288x288x95mm to fit FBP$137.48

In-line filter box GS/Plastic, slide in filter    

Can be installed at any angle.
FAC300DPG4-16x16x2 filter for FBMA400 or FBAC300-400$69.48
FBM400Filter Box Metal Plain (no filter or spigot)(use PLAD40/...)$190.95
FBMA400FilterBoxMetal400mm +Filter, 2xSpigots (optional 200-400dia)$304.53

In-line filter box G/S w filter    

FB100Filter Box In-Line Galv 200x200 c/w filter 100dia spigots$350.68
FB125Filter Box In-Line Galv 225x225 c/w filter 125dia spigots$345.85
FB150Filter Box In-Line Galv 300x300 c/w filter 150dia spigots$345.85
FB200Filter Box In-Line Galv 300x300 c/w filter 200dia spigots$388.19
FB250Filter Box In-Line Galv 350x350 c/w filter 250dia spigots$423.38
FB300Filter Box In-Line Galv 400x400 c/w filter 300dia spigots$476.26

Filter Box in Ceiling Grid    

Perfect for office fit-outs and maintenance.
FBCG150Filter Box Ceiling Grid 150dia$1,098.26
FBCG200Filter Box Ceiling Grid 200dia$1,098.26
FBCG250Filter Box Ceiling Grid 250dia$1,098.26

Round FESIT (filter extended surface in tube)    

Can be used under a Madonna Cowl or as an In-Line unit in a flexible duct.
FF150Filter Inline FESIT 150dia$211.55
FF200Filter InLine FESIT 200dia$247.07
FF250Filter InLine FESIT 250dia$282.27
FF300Filter InLine FESIT 300dia$317.49
FF350Filter InLine FESIT 350dia$352.98

Madonna FESIT (madonna cowl w FESIT)    

FEM150Madonna cowl FESIT 150dia$308.64
FEM200Madonna cowl FESIT 200dia$375.18
FEM250Madonna cowl FESIT 250dia$483.89
FEM300Madonna cowl FESIT 300dia$521.30
FEM350Madonna cowl FESIT 350dia$584.65

Extra filter bags for FESITs    

SOCK100Sock Filter 100dia$33.02
SOCK150Sock Filter 150dia$31.45
SOCK200Sock Filter 200dia$39.28
SOCK250Sock Filter 250dia$47.15
SOCK300Sock Filter 300dia$55.03
SOCK350Sock Filter 350dia$62.88
SOCK400Sock Filter 400dia$70.75